French Fashion: Retro Fantasies


For a retro look, we’ve been experimenting by mixing and matching different pieces to create French fashion with a vintage feel and modern touch. Here, we’re highlighting a few important wardrobe essentials to show this fun, chic style.

Flared Skirt and Allover Print Top

A flared skirt is an iconic piece for a vintage look. It defines the waist, flatters the body and makes you feel fabulous. We match it with a slightly loose printed top tucked inside the skirt. This match can highlight the streamlined body shape, while the loose top provides volume to the silhouette and appears less strict. A belt can be added to accessorize the style.

Tamara top by Anna Studio
Flared skirt by Gaspard Yurkievich

Marinière T-shirt and Shorts 

The marinière is a grand classic in French fashion. You will almost always find a marinière T-shirt in a French girl’s wardrobe. We created this girly look with an oversize marinière T-shirt; fitted, simple shorts; and a pair of over-the-knee striped socks. Voilà—a sexy sailor girl! 

Striped T-shirt by Laurence Doligé
Shorts by Belle Ninon

Fitted Cropped Pants and Peplum Top

Peplum was popular in the ’80s and began to hit the runway again in 2010, and it hasn’t fallen out of style since. This peplum number from Calla was inspired by the beach and has perfect proportions. When you choose a peplum top, make sure the lower line lies just around your hip or a bit lower. The sporty blouse is paired with embossed sleek trousers from the avant-garde French brand Les Prairies de Paris. This unconventional chic look is perfect for a party.

Pimp wild pants by Les Prairies de Paris
Striped peplum top by Calla  

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