Top 10 Ways To Save On Your Next Trip To Paris


Planning an affordable Paris trip is not always an easy task. While anyone can waltz around spending a lot of money, you have to get creative to do Paris in style for less. Here are some of our top tips on how to do so.

1. Book your hotel using the gg2p GO-Card and you’ll save 10 percent (up to 250 euros) and/or get added benefits such as special VIP welcome gifts or free breakfasts.

2. On a mild day, take a picnic of red wine, cheese and salami up to the top of the Buttes Chaumont park in the 19th Arrondissement and enjoy the view of Paris as the setting for your affordable, scrumptious lunch! If it’s a bit chilly, the hike will warm you up.


3. Enjoy a free exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville, or just take a trip of the spectacular building and the seat of government in Paris, and then window-shop around the Marais. You can find out what’s showing by visiting the website (see link below).


4. Unwind and get rid of jet lag at L’Echappée Spa, and save 15 percent on all services, including that much-needed deep-tissue massage and a healthy lunch afterward.


5. Shop for everyone on your list and get 10 percent off, a special VIP shopper to assist you and access to a VIP room at Galeries Lafayette (the clothing will be brought to you!). Your personal shopping and gift buying will be fast, convenient and affordable. At checkout, don’t forget to fill out your de-tax forms to get an additional 12 percent back at the airport on all purchases over 175 euros, putting your savings at more than 20 percent, or 100 euros off a 500 euro purchase.

6. Stay connected with friends and family and all-important work associates while in Paris without incurring a huge cell phone bill. Use Le French Mobile, a SIM card designed for English-speaking travelers and expats, and pay the lowest possible prices available for texts, calls and roaming—as if you were a local. (Note: your smartphone must be unlocked.)

7. Take the bus. It’s only 1.50 euros, and a ride can be a destination itself. Get lost in Paris and all her glory: pick one of the main lines in the middle of the city and take a bus in any direction, getting off where you fancy. Discover new neighborhoods and do some window-shopping while you explore.

8. Be sure to buy the Paris Pass, offering you discounts at more than 60 museums in Paris as well as on Seine trips, metro and bus cards, and hop-on, hop-off tripist buses—and don’t wait in line. Do what nearly half a million visitors have done to save on their trips and pay less because YOU are a GO-Card member!


9. Explore the world of Jackie Kennedy or discover Audrey Hepburn’s Paris by purchasing one of our downloadable walking trips that cover most of the districts of Paris in depth. You can print them out or download sets of three or four on your smartphone. At only $3.67, walking with posh celebrities was never so affordable. (A total of 18 trips are available.)


10. Lighting a candle at Notre Dame for a loved one costs only one or two euros and is always inspiring, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Whatever your beliefs, this 850-year-old Gothic beauty fills you with awe, and that simply can’t be bought.

Getting the gg2p GO-Card card—which supplies travelers with special deals, invites, discounts and VIP perks at more than 250 partners in Paris and throughout France as well as online—is step ONE for smart savings in the City of Light. Read more here. 

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