Shopping in Paris: Falling in Love at Mauboussin


Paris is a city that is characterized as both the most romantic and the most fashionable in the world. Each year, the city accommodates millions of visitors eager to experience the magic for themselves. While shopping in Paris is an effortless feat, the romance may prove to be a little more ambitious. Mauboussin, the iconic French jewelry house located in the 1st Arrondissement, manages to link the two Parisian standards with their romantically themed fine jewelry in one of the most prestigious shopping areas of Paris.


Mauboussin Place Vendôme. 

Invited by A Tout France, France’s official tripist bureau, Girl’s Guide to Paris went on a trip of one of Paris’s most celebrated joailleries.

Founded in 1827 by artisan jeweler M. Rocher, the house won prestigious awards, establishing the brand as a staple in French jewelry. In 1955 the Mauboussin flagship boutique opened its doors on the iconic Place Vendôme, which continues to cater to clients of refined taste. Today the store honors the traditions of the French brand while introducing modern details. Creating an urban contrast, the main salon boasts a fiber-optic twinkling light installation that dangles from the high ceilings, and the tastefully distressed exposed brick wall is adorned by a mural reminiscent of the street art movement that is tendance at the moment.


Glow-enhancing fiber-optic light installation. 

cave aux diamants, located in the atrium of the boutique, could playfully suggest a “diamond bar,” which permits clients to create the piece of their dreams based on size, price and purity.

Cave aux diamants. 

The attentive staff exudes the expertise of their métier, accommodating clients with extensive meetings enveloped in high-backed, rounded, quilted chairs to create privacy.

Expert staff accommodating clients. 

With 2007 and 2008 being important years for the house of Mauboussin as it opened boutiques in New York and Tokyo, as well as on the vast avenue des Champs-Elysées, it was able to communicate its brand to a wider audience. Of course it was not simply the new locations that inspired this wave of brand awareness, but rather its original take on engagement rings, fashioning innovative shapes that stretch the imagination beyond the classic engagement ring. “Dream and Love” and “Chance of Love” are marked as their best sellers and continue to be quintessential pieces in their permanent collections.

Street-art inspired mural. 

With romance being a connecting theme, other collections were christened with titles such as “Divine Cocotte” and “Eternité Tendresse,” and there was the 2010 launch of the best-selling watch “Amour.” The house plays on the heartstrings of Paris lovers, a reminder of why it is so easy to fall in love with the City of Light. 

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