Travel Insurance

We require that everyone traveling with us purchase travel insurance to protect you from unforeseen events. Like all insurance, its an additional cost but you’re extremely grateful you have it when you need it.

Travel insurance can quickly get complicated and confusing. It’s important that you read and understand the fine print about what you’re buying so you don’t end up with a rude surprise.

There are many providers of travel insurance. We recommend SquareMouth, a service that compares policies from 19 different highly reputable providers so you can price shop and choose the coverage that’s best for you. It’s like the Kayak of travel insurance.

Buying Travel Insurance

To purchase travel insurance, you can go to or enter your information into the form below:

Tips & Recommendations

Here’s a few tips and recommendations when you’re shopping for travel insurance:

  • Generally speaking, there are two kinds of travel insurance: 1) Travel Medical insurance that provides reimbursement for medical expenses (often including evacuation) when you’re overseas, and 2) Trip Cancellation insurance that reimburses you for your trip expenses in certain circumstances. Make sure you’re getting the kind of insurance and coverage you need.

  • Trip Cancellation insurance usually applies in circumstances when you can’t travel because of illness. (There are often other circumstances that are covered, such as a natural disaster or terrorist incident at your destination). But many circumstances aren’t covered, like “I changed my mind”, “I’m suddenly too busy at work”, “My daughter’s having a baby”, etc. For these kinds of situations, you need to purchase a “Cancel for any Reason” rider to your Trip Cancellation policy.

  • “Cancel for any Reason” coverage is an enhanced benefit that comes at a cost – usually an additional 40%. As the name indicates, it typically provides Trip Cancellation coverage for just about any reason, but often caps it’s benefit at 75% of your cost. This kind of insurance usually must be purchased within 2-3 weeks of you making your first payment towards your trip. Cancel for any Reason coverage is not available to residents of New York State.

  • Many carriers offer “Coronavirus Coverage”, but that doesn’t mean you’re covered from everything related to Covid-19. In conjunction with a Travel Medical policy, it usually means reimbursement for medical expenses due to coronavirus illness while overseas. In conjunction with a Trip Cancellation policy, it usually means if you contract Covid-19 and can’t travel, you’re eligible for a refund of your out-of-pocket paid expenses. It typically does NOT mean you can cancel your trip and get a refund if you’re worried about Covid-19 or decide you don’t want to travel because of Covid-19 or even if a government restriction prevents you from entering a country or enjoying your trip as planned. For these circumstances, you will have needed to purchase “Cancel for any Reason” coverage.

  • Many kinds of travel insurance require you to purchase the insurance a short time (often 14-21 days) after you make your first trip payment.