Shopping, Sweets and Sights


When I first moved here, Paris had the three s’s: shopping, sweets and sights. After six years, nothing has changed.
My favorite kind of shopping in Paris is vintage. It’s affordable and, most important, it’s fun! One of the best neighborhoods for thrifting is the Marais. It’s full of little shops like Coiffeur and Noir Kennedy, which are two of my favorites. Sundays are a great day to hit the area. While most of Paris can seem restful, the Marais is lively and exciting. All the shops are open, including the BEST falafel joint in town. Every time I’m on rue des Rosiers, a stop at l’As du Fallafel is a must.
La pâtisserie parisienne is likely the most wonderful thing in the world. Paris is full of pastry shops that are themselves full of delicious treats! Among my favorites is the lovely éclair au chocolat, a long, thin pastry with a creamy inside and a thin layer of chocolate icing on top. The chausson au pomme, a flaky, applesauce-filled delight (amazing when enjoyed with a chocolat chaud, a.k.a. hot chocolate), is another favorite. Last but not least are les macarons (or macaroons), bite-size cookies that are very light, which is an excellent excuse to buy A LOT of them. My two favorite flavors are chocolate and pistachio. They are best bought at Ladurée, which has been selling these luxuries since 1862. The shop’s salon is beautiful, with classic architecture, pastel-colored walls and elegant moldings, and is a great place to enjoy the patisseries.

Sightseeing in Paris is as natural as breathing. There are historic beauties and other places to visit throughout the city. It’s amazing that when walking down a tiny street with friends, you can turn to the left and find yourself face-to-face with an old, small church covered in vines. You could almost imagine Madeleine skipping down the street! Just by walking, shopping or hanging out in the 4th Arrondissement, you can take in lovely medieval architecture. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is a must, as is the Louvre and a visit to see the gargoyles at Notre Dame.
Coiffeur Vintage
32, rue des Rosiers, in the 4th.
Evan Grace is 16 and lives in Paris, where she is obsessed with cinema and is studying for the bac at a lycée. She lives with her mom, the Girls’ Guide bloggeuse Sylvia Sabes.

GG2P guest blogger Evan Grace.