Picture Perfect Paris


Le Tango—It’s easy to fall into the rhythms of Paris, especially when it comes to music and dancing.

I asked one of Girls’ Guide’s favorite photographers, Meredith Mullins about why she loves Paris – below is her answer and proof of the inspiration she finds on the streets of the city. Paris photography is something many people do, but not many master.

Le Cirque: Space—In a city full of choices, there are, happily, many circuses. I can feed my circus addiction easily.

My decision to live in Paris was very spontaneous. I was visiting and just decided to stay. And since that decision, nine years ago, my spontaneous nature of life has continued.

Street Life—Just another day in the streets of Paris . . . today or 50 years ago, it could be either.

I love Paris because on any given day, there are hundreds of choices for wandering. Where to walk, who to see, where to eat, what museum or concert to go to, what park to sit in to feel the warmth of the sun, which quartier to explore, what to learn, what café to linger in.

La Neige/Velib—I live for that rare snow in Paris. It’s always so fleeting, which makes it all the more a treasure.

And, as a result of those choices, every day has brought memorable moments—strange characters, new knowledge, unfolding stories. All are opportunities to feed the creative spirit.

Gare du Nord—Paris is a timeless city. You can transport yourself to any era you wish.

Vue de l’Arc de Triomphe—There are many things to climb in Paris . . . and the rewards are great. It’s good to master the art of summiting.

Palais Royal—We used to turn our faces to the sun to melt the last hidden pieces of winter that were buried inside us. Now we turn our faces toward our smartphones.

Parc de Belleville—Paris offers an unending cast of characters. You just have to be ready to find them.

Pas de Deux—The art of walking.

(Photo on homepage slideshow) L’Artiste de Montmartre—”You have captured much color in this B&W photograph,” the Place de Tertre artist told me. And I knew we would be friends.

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