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Living for the weekend? Not so for Paris Professionals, when from Monday to Thursday the most popular establishments host miniature clubnights which have taken the city by storm! The Afterworks concept is simple: leave the office (with fun colleagues in tow) and head straight over to the club. No need to stop for dinner because food will be waiting to tide you over when you arrive. An evening of mingling, drinking and dancing will ensue until Cinderella hour which means you get your party fix and can still make that 9am meeting the next day. Pas mal pas mal ! So if you’re interested in clubbing in Paris and want to see cute guys throwing shapes while dressed in suits and ties, make a beeline for one our top five recommended locations…

5th Place: Tout Le Monde En Parle
French for Everybody’s Talking About It, this twinkling resto-bar boasts an Afterworks party in primary colors every Thursday night. With its giant terrace overlooking Montparnasse and its outdoor salsa dance floor, this is the perfect choice of venue in the spring and summer months. Upon entry you are granted a plate of BBQ delights (first 100 people) and a drink of your choice. The music is a lively mix of pop genres, both old and new school, so be prepared to kick your shoes off because this fun-loving crowd is anything but coy.

Address: 4 rue du Depart, 75015

Nearest Metro: Montparnasse

Hours: 7pm-2am

Price 15€ with pass 20€ without

4th Place: BizzArt
If you’re a funky soul diva then Afterworks at BizzArt is the place for you! Wednesdays will take you back to the 70s and 80s disco and Thursdays boast a more eclectic mix of genres. With talented live bands and revelers of all ages, shapes and sizes who dance like nobody’s watching, you’re guaranteed a groovy atmosphere! There is no entrance fee but no drinks included either so the evening tends to fire up a little bit later than others. Prices are more than reasonable though and there are champagne/shot prizes up for grabs the whole evening too so all you have to do is show up and throw down!

Address: 167 Quai d Valmy, 75010

Nearest Metro: Louis Blanc

Hours: 7pm-2am (Wednesdays) -3am (Thursdays)

Price: Free

3rd Place: Le Palais Maillot
Afterworks at Le Palais Maillot is full of surprises; an open terrace even in the winter, the majority of girls in dresses too pretty to have worn to work and the non-existent queue outside but enormous cloakroom one inside are just a few of the unexpecteds to expect. Here you can indulge in the all-you-can drink bubbly bar until 9pm and feast at the buffet too, which is always stacked high with help-yourself hot and cold bites. The music gradually starts up and there is a different pop DJ each week. Decked out in giant chandeliers, a video big screen and bathed in ultraviolet; this dance floor is always bursting! And just when you think you have the best moves around; a giant robot man storms out into the crowd and shows you up! Ladies, watch out for his lasers…

Address: 2 Place de la Porte Maillot, 75017

Nearest Metro: Porte Maillot

Hours: 7pm-2am

Price: 15€ with pass 20€ without

2nd Place: L’Arc
When Lenny Kravitz envisioned this club it’s doubtful that a House of Dolls Afterworks event was what he had in mind but it’s here and it’s brilliant! With dangling pink balloons, candyfloss on sticks, bubbles and hoards of belles femmes all crowding a mic on the karaoke, this feels more like a bachelorette party than an afterworks party! From 9pm til midnight every Thursday this place is WOMEN ONLY. The DJ accepts requests and sings along with you as you belt out one girl power track after another and shake booty. But do you wanna know the best bit? The all-you-can-drink bubbly and cocktail concept is ALL NIGHT LONG! So by the time the men are allowed in at midnight, you’ve already gorged on tapas, sung your little heart out and are now dancing up on the sofa! Mega fun fun fun for all!

Address: 12 Rue de Presbourg, 75016

Nearest Metro: Charles DeGaulle Etoile

Hours: 9pm-5am

Price: Free

1st Place: Soixante Dix Neuf
You probably guessed it. Club 79 is the zeitgeist and takes our number spot on the Afterworks top five. This is the kind of establishment you can’t get into easily on regular nights so Afterworks feels like a special little treat and is the epitome of Parisian style. During the all-you-can-drink bubbly hours, from 7pm until 9pm, hold onto your glass and engage in shoulder to shoulder banter at the bar as you jostle for refills. You’ll easily meet new people, you’re not chained to colleagues because others are not cliquey and will happily approach you with conversation! Tapas is served nearby and in the final minutes of all this refreshment, the music is turned up and as if by magic the dance floor suddenly fills and sways with the trendy mix of new beat treats. The crowd is beautiful, the staff is beautiful, even the DJ is beautiful and before you know it, it’s 1am and you can’t find your glass slipper…

Address: 22 Rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008

Nearest Metro: George V

Hours: 7pm-1am

Price: 15€ with pass 20€ without


Tout Le Monde En Parle: 

Le Palais Maillot:



Note: Red Vanessa is the original party girl from London who has fallen head over heels for all things Paris and can’t leave. She runs a Women’s group and has only one mantra: Liberté, Égalité, Beyoncé.