New Year’s Eve in Paris


What should I wear in Paris? It’s a question that torments many. The reasonable answer is that you should wear whatever you feel most comfortable in, but the reality is that sometimes a girl wants to mix it up a bit and get beyond her comfort zone. Paris seems to inspire our inner fashionista, and nothing is more inspirational for getting dressed up than New Year’s Eve in Paris.
Which brings us back to the original question, What should you wear for New Year’s Eve in Paris? 

Gold sequin dress by Tara Jarmon

Gold sequin dress by Tara Jarmon.

Having read Parisian Chic: A Style Guide, by Inès de la Fressange, I know that Parisiennes mix it up, wearing couture with bargain basement finds, vintage with this year’s trendiest accessory. And for 2013 that accessory shines. Literally. Anything with sequins will do. Anything from a sequin dress, like one of the 240 (prices range from 59 euros to 890 euros) that are featured on the French fashion site, to sequin pumps, without forgetting the option of a sparkling clutch or tank top. The key is to pick one item, just one, ladies, and wear it with a favorite you (hopefully) already have in your closet.

Black feather trim dress by Zara

Black feather trim dress by Zara.

When I interviewed my Parisian friends, the rich, affluent ones, about what they’d be wearing this New Year’s Eve, they all whispered the same address in my ear . . . Zara. From high street to fashion house, Zara has seduced the rich and almost famous by offering limited collections of fun, elegant styles that can go out of fashion next week without breaking your heart, or your purse string. This subtle, feather-trimmed dress (119 euros) tantalizingly whispers, “I’m ready to play,” starting the party the moment you slip it on.

Vintage YSL

Vintage YSL.

And of course, there is always le smoking (1,850 euros), Yves Saint Laurent’s signature look of luxury and elegance to be worn with everything from a pair of jeans and a sequin tank top to the perfect LBD you’ve had hanging in your closet for ages. It adds the perfect holiday touch whether you’re going out for a simple dinner or an exclusive evening on the town, and it’s easy to dress down so you can enjoy it throughout the year. Please, Santa, I’ve been a good girl, I promise . . . and this is exactly what I want to wear this New Year’s Eve in Paris. 

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Le smoking by YSL
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