Paris Must-See Neighborhood: Girls’ Day Out in the Marais


With a variety of chocolatiers, lingerie shops and charming cafés, it’s no surprise that Paris is a city that awakens the feminine spirit. One quartier that appeals to fashionistas and foodies worldwide is the definitive Paris must-see neighborhood: le Marais, a niche district teeming with boutiques, bistros and pastry shops that calls for the ultimate girls’ day out! 

The latest addition to the Repetto boutique family is the Marais location settled on the historic rue Vieille du Temple. The iconic French brand, originally founded in 1947 by the mother of choreographer and dancer Roland Petit, embodies the grace and glamour that Parisian dreams are made of. Ballerines available in the spectrum of the rainbow and generous tulle skirts in soft blushes and stark blacks evoke every girl’s inner ballerina. 

Mam’zelle Swing. 

Vintage shopping lends to the nostalgia that many feel akin to when visiting the City of Light, a city that is glorified for its deep-seated history. Mam’zelle Swing, a quaint shop off the quiet rue du Roi de Sicile, offers a selection of reasonably priced and well-kept cocktail dresses, swing skirts and kitten-soft mohair cardigans dating back to the 1940s and ’50s.

Miss Cupcake

The cupcake stands firm in its resolve as the pioneer in the American dessert trend that Parisians can’t seem to get enough of. A new edition to the several cupcake boutiques in Paris is the delicious Miss Cupcake. With a location in the 18th, the café opened semirecently in the Marais, with a welcoming turquoise storefront and pastel touches, simply beckoning passersby to indulge in the authentic New York cheesecake or red velvet cupcake.
If you’re looking for lighter fare to satisfy your sweet tooth (especially during these summer months), indulge in the beloved American frozen yogurt trend that has finally made its way to Paris. Yogurt Factory on the minuscule rue Saint-Merri serves up frozen Greek-style yogurt in a tangy natural flavor or their sweeter flavor du jour. Be sure to arrive early on warm days—lines form around the block as this shop takes reign as the sweetest hot spot of the summer in the Marais.

Shake n’ Smash Cocktail Bar. 

To cap off your day in the Marais, happy hour at Shake n’ Smash Cocktail Bar by le Temple is one of the best-kept secrets in the Marais for mixology-quality cocktails without the pretension. Fresh cucumber-infused water and homemade potato chips welcome you upon arrival, as the pertinent bartenders shake up one of their many elixirs. The cheeky decor reminiscent of a young Brigitte Bardot, with its leopard-print touches and draped feather boas, lends to the bouncy spirit of this vintage-inspired bar.
While each of Paris’s arrondissements is unique, which is what makes this city so special, there is always something new happening in the Marais—a neighborhood known for its innovation while staying true to the city’s charm.

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