Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


The other day, I had a sudden fit of interest in what Parisian women wear to dinner. Eating out seems to hold a lot more meaning in Paris. In London I’m usually asked to catch up over a beer, but, when in Paris, I seem to spend my day moving from restaurant to restaurant for social and business occasions alike. This could just be me and attributable to my insatiable appetite for French cuisine, but whatever the reason, I decided to put my bistro trotting to good use and photograph women who were on their way to a meal, had just left one or were in the midst of one. Here is a taster of the Paris fashion that women wear when dining.
First up was a girl in an amazing rockabilly-inspired ensemble. Her high-waist skirt was fun but elegant, and her red lips popped in an equally vibrant shade. The look was stunning, but this Parisienne did not look overdressed or as though she were trying too hard.
Also caught on the metro was a girl sporting gold hoop earrings and a burgundy leather skirt and heels. She then pared down the look with a loosely fitting top, tights and an original parka. I learned from these girls that it is all about balance: you have to dress down what you’ve dressed up.
Next up were ladies who lunch. Around lunchtime, I photographed women who were wonderfully dressed and about to eat. I had to include an outfit with dark blue skinny jeans, because you really can’t walk two feet in Paris without seeing a Parisienne flitting along the boulevard dressed in a pair. Elia in Pernety was no exception; she wore hers with a beautiful vintage ruffled blouse and platform sandals, a great way to balance such a statement blouse.
Last but not least was a very elegant woman at the Hotel George V, dressed classically in black trousers and bright turquoise cowl-neck top and pretty chandelier earrings. She appeared comfortable but still dressed up.
After my investigation into what outfit a Parisian woman might throw on to dine, I felt as though my curiosity was somewhat sated. But I’m sure that there are many fabulous looks waiting in Parisian wardrobes and ready to be taken out when it’s time to eat. I guess I’ll just have to go out for food again tonight.

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