Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


Some of the best street-style Paris fashion is often showcased along the city’s boulevards, with people sitting outside cafés while catching up with friends or pensively surveying the world. In fact, spotting wonderful outfits over the rim of a coffee cup is something I like to do as well. Here are a few looks that I have spied in and around the cafés of Paris.

First up is a beautiful girl with her hair in two plaits and, not surprisingly, chic eyewear. I loved the tones she was wearing, her full leather skirt and the metal bracelet around the sleeve of her cardigan.

One corner café I often frequent in le Marais is at a crossroads, opposite a café at another corner. I spied one incredibly chic woman all in black but an even more spectacular lady covered in a floor-length paisley throw. It was simple yet dramatic, and I got very excited about all the ways such a covering could change a look, not to mention how cozy I would feel in it while outside a café in Paris.

Looking through windows at those who are sipping their coffee and working in the warmth is also rewarding. In Pigalle I spied a woman through the glass of another café at a crossroads, her hair arranged in elegant, fiery spikes. Absolutely beautiful.
I hope this provides you with yet more excuses to spend a lazy day at a café with friends, from coffee until it’s time for wine. 

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