Vegan Paris: Sol Semilla


Sol Semilla

23, rue des Vinaigriers, 75010 Paris.
Metro : Gare de l’Est, Jacques Bonsergent, Château d’Eau
Tel : 01 42 01 03 44
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12-8 p.m.

100% Organic // Set Menus from 18.50€ to 22.50€ 

After having had the whole « boho Parisian » trend and the overplayed mojitos shoved down our throats, it’s nice to find new spots that are trying to break free from this mold. At Sol Semilla you will find a gathering of those in need of giving their liver a protein break (or even just those members of vegan Paris looking for the next best soy-creation).

On this day I was neither of those: not only did I have a rather calm Saturday night – but what’s more was that I was starving. Tired of blowing a crazy amount of cash on klamath (blue-green algae) and urucum (bixa orellana) at other places where I don’t even get to sit down and enjoy them, I bless the existence of this superfood temple where my healthy conscience is at ease.

Since we picked up a small loaf of bread before heading over, we had to go with the aguaymento et au cacao cru (Peruvian cherries or gooseberries and raw cacao) to snack on, that is my absolute favorite here at Sol Semilla. My friend went straight into munching on the cacao beans without even taking off the shells – this really made me laugh as I watched in delight.

After having sipped on a chaï maison au maca (house chai with maca) and a jus détox made of pear, malpighia and emarginata we opted for the set menu of the day (22.50 € including the main dish, drink, and choice of dessert. On this day it was a combination of buckwheat with turmeric, garbanzo beans, spirulina and potato with pouteria lucuma. And for dessert, we went with an excellent coconut and ginger mousse accompanied by a rice pudding and malpighia glabra.

May as well tell you that as I was thoroughly enjoying myself, my poor girlfriend was staring down at her fingers in pain, “This is the LAST time that you take me out to eat seeds, Margaux” she whispered.
And then I tried to order a….coffee to go. Dumb me, having forgotten that I was in the kingdom of superfoods: the charming serving brought me over a small energy ball of deguarana (a type of ultra-powerful natural caffeine) to munch on.

Outcome : thanks to the nutty guarana (pictures above), I spent the afternoon in Duracell-mode and the night counting sheep as I tried to get myself to sleep. What was great though, was that for the first time after having brunch, I felt as light as a gazelle. 

Note: We are pleased to have a partnership with Margaux Grosman who wrote this review, she is a well-known French food blogger, TV & Youtube host, life style journalist, food consultant, copywriter and founder of This review was translated from the French by Elle Reynolds.