An Inspiring Trip through France, via Pinterest


Just a few of our nearly 30 pinterest boards.

Just a few of our nearly 30 Pinterest boards.

I love Pinterest. Yeah it’s a time waster, but its also inspiring. Actually I think I should spend more time on Pinterest. Beauty inspires me, as it does for so many women.

Can you have too many French bar objects?

Can you have too many French bar objects?

French villages, antiques, interiors, architecture, bar ephemera, old travel posters, gardens and French florists…they all inspire me. There are more photos of French places you want to visit on Pinterest than anywhere else on the web I think.

Canal du Midi in beautiful light

Canal du Midi in beautiful light

After 25 or 30 years of gleaning inspiration from France and Paris in particular and being lucky enough to have owned three places there over the years, my interest and passion on the topic doesn’t ever seem to die down, it only increases. I want to see every inch of the country. So I’m hoping you’ll enjoy taking this virtual trip through France with me to the places I’ve yet to go and the things I’m still yearning to do.


One of the many gorgeous Alsacian villages in France

Alsace. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t been to this stunning area. My husband’s family is from the region, going way back a few generations when it was part of Germany – hence our name Belau.


I’d love to do some Alsatian wine tasting and learn more about the sweeter wine that I used to poo-poo but now understand how incredible it is. Strasbourg and Colmar are


Eguisheim, France

on the list as well as Eguisheim, one of the plus beaux villages de France (one of the most beautiful villages in France). I also dream of going to the Christmas market in Colmar. After wine tasting a stay at this spa hotel

L'Eclaireur Bio Spa hotel

L’Eclaireur Bio Spa hotel

in the mountains only 50 minutes from Strasbourg might be just perfect. UPDATE: Since I first wrote this post I’ve been now many times to Alsace and we lead Christmas Market trips there every year which are wildly popular. These are luxury womens-only trips and all three of them going this year, 2021 are sold out except one which has just two spaces. GRAB THEM!


a tight squeeze

Canal du Midi I’ve been dying to go either by boat or bike on the Canal du Midi, taking it slow and seeing as many charming villages along the way as possible or even navigating our own boat.


there’s something about birch trees on the Canal du Midi

We are planning a trip in the region and down the canal for 2022, be sure you are signed up for our newsletter so you get notified when it goes live!

I'd like to see my guests eyes pop out of their heads when they drive up to this place!

I’d like to see my guests eyes pop out of their heads when they drive up to this place! Via Chateaux Hideaways en France

Party at a Chateau I’d like to throw a big party at a Chateau and pretend to be a rock-star for a weekend. We wanted to do it for our 50th birthday’s jointly (hubby and I are born the same year) but alas we just didn’t get it together. Do I have to wait until one of the kid’s gets married or can I create an excuse to host a party either with a sponsor or asking everyone to contribute before that?

Imagine a dinner party in there.

Imagine a dinner party in here. Via Chateaux Hideaways en France

A week-long or even just a weekend of fetes in one of these incredible Chateaux would be wildly memorable! Our luxury tours for women can make you feel like the queen of the castle while staying at the charming chateaux we have selected.


doing it the old fashioned way

Vendange Before I get too old and inflexible I want to participate in a Vendange, that’s the wine harvest. I mainly want to do it for the camaraderie and the incredible meals you get at the end of the long day of back-breaking labor.


picking grapes in the Champagne region

I have a friend or two with a small vineyard in Bordeaux so there’s really no excuse and this is free, so I’ve really got to get on this…maybe this fall.


Deux Cheveaux I really want to buy a Citroen Deux Cheveaux and park it at our home on the river in the Bordeaux region. It’s the most charming French country car still on the road. I’ve pined for one for years. Yes, I know its wildly impractical, but I might have to do it anyway.


I’d also like to learn what things about France inspire you. Is it the recipes, the pastries, the chocolate, the fashion, the cobblestone streets, the sparkling Eiffel tower…and no you can’t say everything!


I want you to help me fill out this inspiration board with anything and everything that inspires YOU our readers about France. Email me at info (at) with a link to one of your Pinterest boards and I’ll invite you to collaborate with me!
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