The Travel Club


When I go to Paris, I like to be treated like a VIP, but I don’t like to pay for it. Call me cheap, but isn’t it divine to feel like a princess? Now don’t get me wrong: I enjoy picking up the tab for a friend at a restaurant, but when it comes to hotel rates, apartment rentals or that new blouse, I love a bargain. Maybe it’s those tag sale weekends I spent with my mom while growing up in Nebraska. Anyone can pay full price for something, but it’s the savvy gal who is able to strike the deal on that vintage Hermès shirt. And that was the idea behind our newly created circle of friends, the Girls’ Guide to Paris Travel Club: value meets VIP treatment.
Why not put a fabulous assortment of hotels that we love, apartment rental firms that can be trusted, out-of-the-ordinary personalized trips of Paris, great boutiques, online shopping, transportation services, spas, restaurants, bistros and bars into a basket of fun experiences that our members can enjoy, and use to be treated like an insider and save some euros?
The few times that I’ve gone to a restaurant or hotel and have been greeted with a cocktail or glass of champagne on the house have made me feel special. It’s not a big deal, but it leaves an imprint and puts a little lilt in my step. Getting an upgrade into a better room at a hotel without paying for it helps you enjoy your stay that much more. So we thought, Why not pass along our favorite places to you our readers, and get you some good deals to boot? These are deals that no one else can get. This is why we feel that our Travel Club members, when armed with their personal membership card, have a secret passport in hand. It’s your key to an insider’s Paris—a Paris where someone actually does know your name, expects you and recognizes you as someone who matters. In these days of big group trips, discount travel and automated phone messages, a little personal recognition goes a long way.
Getting 10 percent or more off my bill, whether it’s for a trip, a chic new hotel or a restaurant, or when shopping for that hot new French accessory—it puts a smile on my face. So we pounded the streets for you and came up with more than 100 hand-selected partners, all places that I’d send my own sister to, curated businesses that we know and trust.
Plus, we found that some of you really enjoy and need to have everything organized for you. Planning a trip from top to bottom and being available and on call in Paris are services that our concierge partners are very adept at doing. They will even put together an entire trip itinerary for you, book all your restaurants and your hotel, as well as your theatre and music tickets, trips, airport pickup and more. All you have to do is step off the plane. That kind of luxury and personalized service is available if you buy our Le Club membership plan. All you have to do is pick three or seven days, and you’ll be off and running. Someone to meet my every need? Boy, I need that every day.
A few of our favorite partners include:
1. La Maison Champs Elysées for its sleek new design by brilliant fashion mind Maison Martin Margiela 

2. Mac Douglas for its buttery soft leather bags and accessories.

3. O Chateau for wine tasting classes that are unparalleled.

4. Cook’n with Class because it was voted the No. 1 activity in Paris on Trip Advisor.

5. EcoCab because riding in a Prius from CDG makes me feel like a better person.

6. Just France apartment rentals: gorgeous, unique apartments in Paris.

7. L’Echappée Spa because the apartment feel and pool are so gorgeous and the massages deep.

8. Flûte because sipping champagne in New York, Paris and London makes me a happier gal.

9. LO4ART because I love getting invitations to previews of contemporary exhibits with perks.

10. Left Bank Scooters because riding through Paris on a Vespa with the wind flying through my hair is simply divine!

Are there other travel clubs? Sure, but they tend to cater to tripists or be focused on trips or hotels, with only a very small group of partners. They are too tripisty and cliché for our tastes, and that’s why we decided to create our own club and pass to you the savings we’ve negotiated. If you use our card, you should see benefits of up to $500 or more on your next trip to Paris.
We’ll be highlighting our 100-plus partners and exclusive benefits over the coming weeks so you have an idea of the scope of our unique Travel Club. If you are going to Paris in 2012, it’s a no-brainer.
All our best wishes for a fabulous New Year filled with experiences to write home about!
Editor’s note: We are giving Twitter and Facebook followers as well as our newsletter subscribers $20 off our Travel Club for a limited time only.