Totally Chic


Fairmount shoes.

38, rue du Bac, in the 7th Arrondissement. 01 45 48 48 85.
Carries a solid collection of European brands in 100 percent cotton, linen, wool or cashmere, depending on the season.

Anne Willi
13, rue Keller, in the 11th. 01 48 06 74 06.
For the calm, cool and collected look in the Bastille.

Arthur et Fox
44, rue du Bac, in the 7th. 01 42 22 10 20.
Locals flock here for their tailored style. 

Blanc Bleu
18, rue Royale, in the 8th. When you think of classic French summer style, you’re probably imagining something from Blanc Bleu. In stock are classic striped tops and sweaters, crisp button-downs and tailored trousers. You’ll pick up the perfect threads for vacationing in the south of France, or the Hamptons for that matter.
Claudie Pierlot
23, rue du Vieux Colombier, in the 6th. get map01 45 48 11 96.
Understated and minimalist ready-to-wear brand selling chic wardrobe basics.
38, rue du Bac, in the 7th. Find your high-quality velour, cashmere and wool in bright jewel-toned jackets, pants and sweaters. Wearing their silk scarves and top-of-the-line leather gloves will crank the dial on your chic level toute de suite. Trop classe!
Fairmount (shoes pictured above)
94, rue du Bac, in the 7th. 01 42 84 32 61.
If you have a classic wardrobe, head to Fairmount for perfectly crafted, beautifully designed shoes and handbags to match. The staff here is friendly and speaks beautiful English.

40, rue du Bac, in the 7th. 01 45 48 81 21.
You’ll want to touch everything here, but remember your French manners and wait for the salesperson’s approval before doing so. Rich cashmere coats by Loro Piana will make you feel like you’re wearing butter. Fur-felt hats from local hat-making studio La Cérise sur le Châpeau (Cherry on the Hat) come in vintage styles like the Bonnie and Clyde, the Panama and the Bogart. Here’s looking at you, chérie.

118, rue de Longchamp, in the 16th. For the low-cut-jeans-and-high-heels look. Very high society.

Victoire Classic
1, rue Madame, in the 6th. 01 45 44 28 14.
Style for men and women with an added kick of color; there are several locations, but we like this one.