Top Five Places to Stay Warm during Winter in Paris


1. Dirty Dick
Shopping in Paris despite the winter chill? Why not take a tiki time-out and head to Dirty Dick. Get off the streets and take a break to order one of the bar’s famous fruity cocktails. If you’re with a group be sure to share a flaming tropical cocktail with friends. The decor will remind you of sunny places, and the exotic fruit cocktails are sure to lift your spirit on even the grayest day.


Dirty Dick. 

2. O’Kari Hammam
Spas and hammams have long been a cherished tradition in cold-climate countries. There is also a strong hammam culture in Paris, with a selection of spots where you can steam, sauna and stay warm on a bleak winter’s day. O’Kari Hammam & Spa is a favorite, as its owner takes special care to ensure that every visitor has a pleasurable and restorative experience. From your first sip of mint tea to your relaxing postsoak massage, you will quickly forget the outside world, and its icy weather.

O’Kari Hammam. 

3. The Jardin des Plantes Greenhouses
Take a self-guided Paris walking trip and stroll in a natural setting, without exposing yourself to the elements, at the Jardin des Plantes greenhouses. These enclosed gardens feature native and foreign species with an emphasis on plants that love warm weather. Enjoy the balmy setting that accompanies the tropical rain forest greenhouse and then get some ersatz sun in the desert plant greenhouse.

A greenhouse at the Jardin des Plantes. 

4. Chocolat Chaud
A warm cup of hot chocolate is the perfect cure to the dreariest winter day. While cafés across Paris offer chocolat chaud on their menu, few offer the real deal. Avoid a powdery, disappointing beverage and head to Chocolatitudes, where steaming mugs of ethically sourced chocolate will cheer you up and give you the strength to get back to shopping in Paris.

5. Le Louxor
There’s no shame in seeing a movie while in Paris on a rainy day, and with the recent renovation and reopening of the Louxor cinema, checking out a matinée is a doubly cultural event. The historic building, whose Egyptian-style architecture was completed in the early 1920s, has been restored thanks to a hefty investment by the city, and is now a cozy art house cinema with a rooftop terrace, which offers a view of one of the most diverse and exciting neighborhoods in Paris.


Le Louxor. 

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