Top Five New Boutiques Not to Be Missed in Paris


L’Eclaireur in the Marais combines fashion, art and design. Photo courtesy L’Eclaireur. 

Make My D…
7, rue la Vieuville, in the 18th Arrondissement. 01 44 92 82 98.
In Montmartre’s trendy Abbesses neighborhood you will find this stylish new boutique. Nathalie Bui, owner of Make My D…, previously spent 10 years working with her sister, European designer Barbara Bui, while developing her own sense of style. She now brings her creative energy to the fashion scene with her Paris boutique.
Make My D… showcases around 20 of Europe’s trendiest designers, including Zoé, Margit Brandt and Indi. Other than the beautiful ready-to-wear designs, the boutique also offers a large selection of chic jewelry, bags and scarves.
Barbara Rihl
1, rue du 29 Juillet, in the 1st. 01 42 89 16 75.
The first Barbara Rihl boutique in Paris recently opened its doors in the heart of the city. Although this is her first boutique, Rihl is no stranger to the Paris fashion scene. Before launching her own label, she was a student of Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander, then became the director of collection for Kenzo Jeans.
She’s known for her use of exuberant colors and luxe materials, and her collection consists of handbags, clutch purses, travel bags and totes that don’t disappoint those looking for her whimsical style. Quirky, colorful sketches reflect her enthusiasm for travel and fashion while conveying her bright sense of humor.

A boutique of her own: Barbara Rihl recently opened her first shop in Paris. 

Suite 114
114, rue du Bac, in the 7th. 01 42 84 07 56.
This relative newcomer to the Paris concept-boutique scene offers work from promising new designers and fresh ideas in fashion. In this fabulous boutique setting, you will find everything from contemporary artwork by photographer Philippe Terrier-Hermann to antique suitcases, vintage furniture and art-related books. Suite 114 offers glamour and femininity through international designer labels that are adored by many fashion insiders. Fashions include clothing, accessories and lingerie by Kris Van Assche, Michel Perry and Jil Sander. The store’s owner, Eric Denèle, offers V.I.P.-style treatment to customers, even offering to deliver items across Paris.
Hotel Particulier
15, rue Léopold Bellan, in the 2nd. 01 40 39 90 00.
This new multibrand boutique opened by two sisters, Vanessa and Laetitia Roggwiller, is situated in a gorgeous duplex in the 2nd Arrondissement, near the rue Montorgueil (a pedestrian-only street filled with restaurants and food shops). The unique space functions as an art gallery, with many other upscale products for sale. Everything from furniture to perfumes, beauty products and designer fashions can be found here. Among the designers are Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Alexis Mabille and Twenty8Twelve. Hard-to-find designers and independent labels make this boutique one that is not to be missed!
40, rue de Sévigné, in the 3rd. 01 48 87 10 22.
With its recently opened shop in a large space in the Marais, L’Eclaireur has added to its growing collection of concept stores. This one combines fashion, art and design, creating a unique shopping experience, with art sculptures and videos surrounding the women’s collections. L’Eclaireur carries prestigious brands such as Lanvin, Balmain and Dries van Noten. The owners of L’Eclaireur have turned the boutique into a chic brand offering perfumes, jewelry and accessories.
Sarah Cownley is an award-winning jewelry designer who originally came to Paris to study haute couture embroidery at Lesage, an atelier house owned by Chanel. The charm of the city captured her heart, and she now permanently lives in Paris, spending her days creating jewelry and writing about fashion. Visit Glimpse Creations, her online jewelry boutique.