Top 6 Special Hidden Places in Paris


Donatelle Godart, wedding dress

They call me a Paris expert. I know the neighborhoods, most of the hip stores, new restaurants and craft bars but there are always more secret hidden places in Paris out there waiting to reveal themselves. Like all great cities, there are little pockets, new openings that weren’t written about or old classics that I’ve never discovered. This is the frustrating and the enticing thing about Paris is that everyday there are always new gifts waiting to be unwrapped. Today I’d like to take you to several places that I have just discovered.

Outside Brykalsi, a tiny adorable hat shop in the Village St. Paul

Brykalsi is a tiny darling little hat shop that you can play in and discover for an hour or so. The owner couldn’t be more charming or accommodating and she can take any of her pill-box hats, fascinators or straw numbers and put a little feather or netting on it to make it that much more special. I’ve got two weddings in the UK in the fall and I need to return to her shop to finalize the perfect hat. Plus, the prices are completely reasonable.

nside Rachel’s, photo via

If you are pining for a proper breakfast of eggs and bacon or just want to settle down to a salad of quinoa, avocado and other healthy things head to Rachel’s. An American who has made her name in Paris in the unlikely territory of pastries, American style of course. Opened just last year with an interior by Dorothée Meilichzon who is the designer in chief for the Experimental Cocktail Group. This place is nice enough for dinner!

outside La Carte des Vins

Hiding in plain sight on the Blvd Beaumarchais in the 11th is La Carte des Vins, a small but very well stocked wine and liquor store that specializes in hard to find items suc artisianal vermouth’s, French whiskey’s and small production wines.

natural beauty

There’s a brand new wedding dress designer in town, who has been noticed by Vogue among others. We were able to visit Donatelle Godart her showroom the other day, which is still in her apartment. Her designs are hippy chic if you’ll allow the description. This is the perfect dress to wear if you are getting married in a meadow. Catch her while she’s still affordable.

Tomat’s epicerie

Down a little alleyway which looks private but isn’t is a tiny little gourmet store called Tomat’s that carries the hard to find specialty oils from Leblanc including their show stopping pistachio oil. She’s got jams, chocolates, chutneys, foie gras and mustards all of the highest quality.

the fun and funky interior of Ibaji

Much less of a secret is Ibaji, the new place to go to indulge in Korean bimbap (rice bowl) set in a stunningly beautiful and trendy looking room complete with a long shared table which we always love. 

La Carte des Vin
26 Blvd. Beaumarchais
75011  tel 01 55 28 52 38
10:30-8:30 everyday but Monday
Donatelle Godart
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