Tips for walking the Camino de Santiago


For thousands of years, this route has inspired writers, pilgrims, and everyday people to find peace and new ideas about their lives. There are few things to know before setting foot on this life-changing trail. Here are a few of our top tips for the Camino de Santiago.

Pack Light

Since you will be walking many miles on a daily basis, consider only bringing the essentials such as a great pair of walking shoes, breathable clothing, comfortable socks, and a hat to protect you from the sun.

Walk your own Pace

There is no need to rush along this famous trail, take your time, stop often, and enjoy the sites as you ponder life.

Don’t forget your stamps

At each stop, you can open your pilgrim’s passport and get stamped along your journey. The stamps are a great way to relive your trip later and know just how far you have come.

Pick your route intelligently

There are several different paths you can choose from through Spain, Portugal, and France. It’s best to research before so you know you are picking the one that suits you best.

If you are still dreaming of taking this path, then consider hiring us to take you there and guide you! A support van will assist with your luggage, freeing you up to travel light during the day. A Girls’ Guide to Paris facilitator will also be on this trip to ensure a smooth experience. You’ll be very well taken care of all along the way. All hotels, breakfasts, and delicious Galician dinners with wine are included in the tour price. You can purchase lunch and snacks at frequent checkpoints and rest stops along the way (plus, there will be snacks in the van at our checkpoint stops).

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