Spas in Paris: Aquamoon


Enter Aquamoon via this quintessential blue door. *All photos courtesy of
Aquamoon Spa

Strolling the streets of Paris is enthralling, and never ending. Sometimes, it feels like you really have been walking into infinity and despite the wonder and magic of it all, you may start feeling like you need a break. Aquamoon, one of the most luxurious spas in Paris, tucked into a discrete corner of the Place Vendôme, surrounded by Cartier, Boucheron and Van Cleef et Arpels, with the Ritz soon to open next door is the perfect place for weary walkers to come take a load off and rest themselves a bit, before returning to the adventure that is the City of Light. 


a grand entrance off the place Vendome

Given their glitzy neighbors, it is no surprise Aquamoon considers itself the jeweler of beauty and well-being. After a visit there last week, I would have to agree. A friendly, smiling staff greets you as you are whisked away to a large locker room with calming grey walls, modern marble counter and whimsical toile de jouy fabric in an elegant blue. 


Its a pleasure being pampered by Aquamoon’s staff 

Guests are invited to slip into something more comfortable before being escorted to a discussion area where you meet with your esthetician and discuss your goals. They don’t want to take you from point A to B, they want to help you get to point Z, making your beauty dreams as bright as the jewels that shine from the shop windows all around. 

The spa is for women only except 2 days a month 

A world away from the cobblestones and bustling traffic, Aquamoon is a place for women to really relax. Men are only welcome two days a month, and on those days it is closed to women. No couple massages, here, which makes it the ideal place for a hen party or some mother daughter bonding time, especially from a lounge chair next to refreshing turquoise pool.

One can see why it is considered one of the most beautiful spas in Paris


Its a safe place to talk about your objectives, not just because of remote privacy, but because they have experts on staff. Their dietician can recommend tips and tricks for becoming a healthier, happier you with a personalized program. If being healthier isn’t enough, they have a “mincir” program to help with weight loss and they’ve spent years developing their pain-free anti-age program, that is about more than just creams, Softmesology. 

A hammam (a turkish steambath) is just the ticket to rid oneself of jet lag or
a night of too much fun!

Beyond the expert guidance, there are water bikes to help you develop muscle tone as the jets work away cellulite and a Japanese sauna with infrared that heals tired bodies while fighting fat. If all of that sounds like too much effort there is a traditional sauna and a large hammam for utter relaxation before being whisked away to enjoy a restorative massage that will have you up and ready to conquer Paris in the most delightful way imaginable. 

Insider tip: Aquamoon is one of our many superb partners. Right now they are running a special strictly for Girls’ Guide readers and fans. Enjoy a 30 minute hydromassage if you book any appointment at their spa. Click here to enjoy!