Sightseeing in Paris: Passage Brady


Passage Brady, in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris

You’d never know you were leaving Paris.

If you’re looking for some original sightseeing in Paris, you’ve probably read all about the passages in Paris. But there is one passage that deserves our undivided attention, because it is truly one of a kind.The Passage Brady is near the Château d’Eau metro stop, between the rue du Faubourg St.-Martin and the rue du Faubourg St.-Denis. The term faubourg means “suburb,” and a quick glance at the large stone archway at the end of the Faubourg St.-Denis confirms that you are in what was once a suburb of Paris. A very colorful, lively suburb that is full of locals from across the globe.

Indian fashion in the Passage Brady, in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris

Alternative Paris fashion.

The local Indian community has taken over the Passage Brady, turning it into a little home away from home, providing the perfect day trip to India in under an hour. I love the perfumes that accompany me as I stroll through this vibrantly colorful passage: exotic spices, beauty products and textile shipments. 

Award-winning Indian cuisine in the Passage Brady, in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris

Award-winning Indian cuisine.

This is a fantastic destination for a bit of very affordable shopping. I picked up a silk scarf for 8 euros on my last visit. And if you happen to have a starving student living in Paris, send him/her here to pick up some cheap, easy meals at the local grocery stores (just boil water, add pouch and voilà!) when they get tired of French cuisine. Or stop by for a meal of your own if you’re feeling like something beyond baguettes. La Reine du Kashmir, at No. 80, is a particularly popular address, known for its tandooris. 

Spice up your Paris visit with a stop at Passage Brady, in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris

Spice up your Paris visit

Les passages are also the perfect place to head should you get caught in the rain while sightseeing in Paris. Namasté.