Shopping in Paris: Gifts for Men


Many of us girls, out and about traveling the world, need to bring home gifts for our men, or spoil them as they spoil us in the City of Love. So when you are shopping in Paris, here are a few fantastic gifts for the men in your life. 

I know, the name sounds Italian, but it’s not. It’s Corsican, like Napoleon. These gorgeous handmade knives in exotic woods and horn are very utilitarian little works of art, with tantalizing names, like the Vendetta. More unique and infinitely more luxurious than the ubiquitous Laguiole and Opinel knives, this is a gift your man will keep for a lifetime, which is how long the guarantee lasts, so that is a promise. Just a word of advice: if you plan on going into this boutique as a couple, prepare to spend a considerable amount of your day in the shop. Men seem to be profoundly enthralled by the collection, taking up to an hour to decide what kind of knife they “need” before even contemplating the design. 

Ryst Dupeyron
If your man likes cognac, he’ll love Armagnac. And at this historic little boutique, you’ll be learning from experts who have been selling the nectar for five generations. If you show your curiosity, corks are unstopped and tastings ensue. The house brand is available by vintage, so you can select a specific bottle from a specific year to commemorate a birthday or an anniversary, and you can even have the label personalized. If you’d prefer something lighter, the boutique also represents a fantastic Porto house and has an excellent selection of wines, with the perfect gift for every budget. 

Madeleine Gely*
They don’t call it a London Fog trench coat for nothing, but really, Paris is not far behind on the annual rainfall scale, making this the perfect city in which to pick up a unique, utterly posh umbrella. Gorgeous umbrellas, made here in France and guaranteed for life, are what you’ll find in this exclusive shop that turns staying dry into a fashion statement. With handles covered in precious leathers or sterling silver, this is not a great gift idea for an absentminded professor who loses his umbrella weekly, but it is the perfect solution for the man who has everything.

A Luxury Shave at le Bon Marché
Le Bon Marché has a traditional, old-fashioned barbershop where you can treat your man to a close shave. The warm face cloth, the encompassing chair and the act of putting himself into the hands of someone with a sharp blade make for a unique experience that he won’t soon forget. It is a perfect break in the day and a great way of saying that you are thinking of him. If he happens to be an ocean away, you’ll find beautiful shaving kits with genuine badger fur brushes and elegant handles.


*Note: Madeleine Gely was sold and is now Alexandra Sjofer. 

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15, rue Racine, in the 6th Arrondissement. 01 46 33 87 20.
Ryst Dupeyron
79, rue du Bac, in the 7th Arrondissement. 09 54 39 72 78.
Alexandra Sjofer (formerly Madeleine Gely)
218, boulevard Saint-Germain, in the 7th Arrondissement. 01 42 22 17 02.
Le Bon Marché
24, rue de Sèvres, in the 7th Arrondissement. 01 44 39 80 00.