Shop, Eat and Play at Brunch Bazar in Paris


Brunch Bazar in Paris

I’ve always been one to multitask. If I can send e-mail while showering and making breakfast, I will. So when I heard about Brunch Bazar, I thought, This is my one-stop Paris shopping mecca, with the opportunity to get together with some friends while grabbing a bite, having a drink and shopping for clothes on a weekend, when many stores are closed.
Brunch Bazar is usually held once a month on a weekend, from Saturday to Sunday. In the past it was held in a large garage in the 3rd Arrondissement, but it will soon have a new location, so it’s best to check its website or Facebook page for updates (see links below).

Games galore at Brunch Bazar in Paris

In the garage, the bazaar covered two stories and 16,000 square feet. Walking in on the first floor, I was greeted with every childhood game I ever played—pinball, Ping-Pong, foosball and video games. The clack of the Ping-Pong game beat in time with the music being played by a DJ between the fun zone and the flea market in the back of the spacious room. A nice collection of pants, tops, jackets and shoes was assembled along the walls, with funky jewelry and other accessories displayed for sale nearby.
I took a walk up the ramp to the second floor of the garage, where the smells from the food area hung in the air. The aromas were coming from Nanashi, which was selling a mix of bento boxes to eat in the large communal food court. The expansive area was full of Parisian families and friends catching up and lingering over a drink, a favorite French pastime.

Lots to shop for at Brunch Bazar

There were additional clothing displays upstairs, along with an entire kid’s activity area across the back wall, but there was a warning that this was not day care, so dropping the children off and leaving to start a competitive pinball tripnament was not advised. If that’s not enough activity, you could also get your nails done right there in the middle of everything. Talk about one-stop shopping!
While Brunch Bazar may be a tad bit bizarre, it offered a nice day out and a way to meet up with friends, make new ones and pick up a few new purchases.
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