Top 10 French Lingerie Trends in Paris


Paris, the lingerie capital of the world. From the blush of sweet memories in soft pastels to the flirty promise of dramatic brights, welcome to this season’s garden party of French Lingerie Chic.French women like lace. But not just any lace. As spring seduction blossoms in Paris, a whisper of eyelash trim, a scalloped edge, and an embroidered overlay are the secrets for an allure féminine.The best French lingerie brands use only European suppliers, with many heading to Calais for Leavers lace and Switzerland for the finest guipure. Lace making is a complicated and expensive process, made even more so with the demands of elaborate patterns and intricate stitchwork.“There is a strong corsetry tradition and savoir faire in France,” explains Valérie Charier, editor of Créations Lingerie, the reference magazine for lingerie professionals. “Technique and fit are very important,” she adds, “but so is design. Style and comfort are synonymous.”This season, the push-up bra is giving a gentle lift to les Parisiennes and the shorty (a boy short) offers a comfortable and fashionable coordinating panty.A look at three established brands reveals a beautiful panoply of luxurious fabrics and exquisite styling, while a renowned designer creates a secret world of fairy-tale enchantment and curiosity with her new concept store—a must for anyone visiting Paris.Huit has redesigned its basic Essentials, using incredibly fine satin microfiber mesh, flat stitching, molded bra shapes, lace and iridescent fabrics for a feminine touch while offering comfort and total invisibility.

Purement Craquante by Huit

Purement Craquante by Huit.

Sheer tulle and delicately scalloped edges give China Girl a fresh innocence, and the soft jelly pink adds a hint of color. 

China Girl by Huit

China Girl by Huit.

For a more glamorous look, the Love in Shanghai collection offers elegance with Leavers lace in deep Victorian blue. 

Love in Shanghai by Huit

Love in Shanghai by Huit.

While many brands use coordinating colors and details, Aubade, which means a “dawn serenade,” but better known for its ubiquitous “Lessons in Seduction,” is not afraid to use contrast and a variety of textures.
The collection Mémoire des Sens is made from fabric printed with the words of a poem written by Alexandre Glenat, the winner of a national consumer marketing campaign. The provocative first verse of the poem is testament to this vibrant collection saturated in color and emotion.
Lorsque tu sors de ton tiroir
Dentelles, galons et satin,
Et que je guette dans le miroir, . . .
Le reflet de ton corps mutin

When you take from your drawer
Laces, ribbons and satin,
And that I watch in the mirror, . . .
The reflection of your teasing body

Mémoire des Sens by Aubade

Mémoire des Sens by Aubade.

Aubade’s glamour and sophistication continue with reference to cinema, whether it is on the boardwalk in Cannes with the collection Cherry Chérie, or on the red carpet in Hollywood, with Hollywood Pinup. Audacious combinations of lace, prints, embroidery, bows and ribbons give this collection star power. 

Cherry Chérie by Aubade

Cherry Chérie by Aubade.


Simone Pérèle’s collection infuses timeless grace and elegance in a tribute to all things sweet. Guipure lace inspired by the dentelle à gateaux (doily), matte thread in honor of the artistry of spun sugar, and carefully chosen hues reflect a delicate, irresistible palette of temptation.

Pompadour by Simone Pérèle

Pompadour by Simone Pérèle.

Indulgence is the guilty pleasure this spring, with four collections named after rich cakes and pastries (Pompadour, Trocadéro, Opéra, Divin).
The Opéra collection combines Chantilly lace and retro styling for a glamorous and flattering silhouette. 

Opéra by Simone Pérèle

Opéra by Simone Pérèle.

Meticulous detail and crêpe draping have earned Divin the honorary title of the millefeuille de luxe within the creative corridors of Simone Pérèle. The perfect accessory for a sweet sartorial promenade. 

Divin by Simone Pérèle

Divin by Simone Pérèle.

Stella Cadente has added lingerie to her multidisciplinary list of design talents, ranging from fashion to interior decorating. She blurs the lines between imagination and reality, and the silk-jeweled patchwork of the collection Marvelous Noir evokes rock ’n’ roll, fashion and a youthful sensuality.

Marvelous Noir by Stella Cadente

Marvelous Noir by Stella Cadente.

For her concept boutique, Stella has created a treasure trove of imagination. It’s designed as a tunnel and lined with thousands of gold leaves, and every design is displayed within a carved-out niche, like a precious jewel. 

The Stella Cadente boutique

The Stella Cadente boutique.


This season, as you stroll through the winding streets of Paris, don’t just linger in front of a lingerie boutique. Push the door open and discover for yourself the sensuality of spring in full bloom.
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