Seen on the Streets of Paris: Trouser Suits


On the train coming back to Paris, I read in Vogue that the trouser suit is back, and it struck me as something interesting to look for on the streets of Paris.
I got up early to catch everyone on their way to work, and I found women in a range of blazers paired with tailored black trousers or sometimes jeans—not quite trouser suits, but interesting to see the two-tone trend in this silhouette. I ran across a lady in a black trouser suit set off with quirky tortoiseshell glasses (one frame was circular, the other square).
A woman working at Acne Studio particularly stood out. The flash of her oversize white shirt, jeans and heavy black buckled shoes—all designed by Acne, of course—caught my eye from across the street. Indeed, her androgynous take on the trouser and shirt look was incredibly chic.
On the streets of Montmartre I stopped a woman who had paired a navy blazer with white trousers. Her brown leather espadrilles completed her summery take on the trouser suit—a look that’s definitely spottable on the streets of Paris, even if it hasn’t dominated them quite yet.
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