Remarkable Rues: Rue Lepic


The wonderful Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre is tucked into the arm of rue Lepic, a historic street that winds around the famous hill. Historical figures such as Vincent van Gogh and Jean-Baptiste Clément called this street home, and today it boasts a rich history, white-walled beauty and, of course, fabulous Paris culture. 

Autrip de Midi . . . et Minuit (No. 11)
From outside, this art deco–style joint seems like a traditional French bistro. But venture downstairs for one of Autrip’s nightly jazz shows (Tuesdays are free) for a treat for the ears.

Café des Deux Moulins (No. 15)
No visit to Montmartre would be complete without a stop at this adorable brasserie, made famous by the film Amélie as the workplace of the title character. The proprietors know their clientele and wisely employ a handful of cute male waiters to serve your croque-madame and café.  

Les Petits Mitrons (No. 26)
This cozy pâtisserie has become a neighborhood staple for its sweet and savory tarts. The aroma of homemade pies and quiches in dozens of flavor combinations welcomes you like a grandmother’s hug. Though any tart is sure to impress, my personal favorite is the fig/mango/red fruits combination.

L’Epicerie du Terroir (No. 26)
Packed with old-fashioned, charmingly decorated foodstuffs like fleur-de-sel, tapenades and artisanal spices, L’Epicerie du Terroir is a one-stop shop for foodie souvenirs. Pick up a pack of homemade crystallized rose or mint leaves and beers made at the nearby Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or for an authentic local treat.

Le Basilic (No. 33)
This corner restaurant, covered in climbing vines and wooden beams, represents a holdover (or revival) of ancient Montmartre charm. The three-course “pleasure menu” is a steal at less than €25, and the steak topped with foie gras is fabulous. Combine that with stained-glass windows and friendly service, and you’ll be ready to make this your home away from home.  

Galerie W Landau (No. 44)
This hip art space always has plenty of modern, witty exhibitions free to the public. Pop in for a dose of thought-provoking contemporary art and pick up some exhibition-related postcards for a unique memento of your trip to Montmartre.

Chaussures l’Atelier (No. 58)
Create your own shoes at this one-of-a-kind boutique. Though the kicks have classic form, your new boots or ballet flats can have any combination of whiz-bang bright colors your imagination can dream up, at a price comparable to the already-designed shoes everyone else has.


Recreatroc Claudine (No. 45)
This teeny secondhand shop is stuffed with stylish, good-quality clothes. Even if the stunning leather boots and wool coats at fractional prices don’t suit you, a dig through the €5 basket outside might, and proprietor Claudine is always on hand for advice and jovial chitchat.

Au Virage Lepic (No. 61)
Don’t let the classically cantankerous sign outside declaring “NO BAR without meal” fool you: this neighborhood mainstay has a convivial, welcoming ambience and hearty dishes at an affordable price.  

Le Moulin de la Galette (No. 83)
Immortalized in paintings by Renoir and Picasso, the famous windmill of Montmartre is one of the most visited landmarks of Paris. Have a glass of wine in the famous courtyard or simply admire the remarkable vista of Paris. After that, you’re planted in the hills of Montmartre, and any step you take will be in the right direction.

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