Parisian Inspiration for DJ Clovis XIV


Los Angeles based electronic artist Clovis XIV who hails from Paris has just released his debut EP, Golden Hours. The DJ and music producer has worked with popular acts Justice, Kavinsky and Woodkid and has performed as a drummer in bands such as Sna-fu Grand Désordre Orchestre and Mustard Pimp.

The Parisian artist was prompted to launch a solo project when he lost his house in Versailles to a fire. Rather than wallow in this disaster,

he took a Roland Groovebox which he recovered from the wreckage of his home and began a new career in sunny Los Angeles still imbued with Paris inspiration.

Continuously inspired by his native Paris and the landscapes that now surround him in California on Clovis XIV’s new EP the artist demonstrates his ability to create expansive tracks that are evocative of time and place. We sat down (virtually) with Clovis to ask him about his native city, Paris.


Place St. Marthe 

What are your favourite spots in Paris to write music and drink coffee or prendre un verre? 

It changes all the time, but I love Place Sainte-Marthe to write music and drink coffee as my studio is there.

The Chateau de Thierry in Ville d’Avray 

Where did you grow up?

Between Paris and Versailles, in a very cute suburb named Ville d’Avray, then I moved to Paris and now LA.

How has Paris influenced your music?

Through its incredible history, art and culture, but also through its cool underground places where you can dance all night long.

What would you say is your most Parisian piece?

Probably Last Light, it could be the first song you play as the city wakes up. (click on photo above to play Clovis’ Sunset video)

Paris in the rain by MV Shultze

Compare life in LA versus life in Paris. What do you miss about Paris when you are in LA?

I miss staying comfy at home or in a cosy spot when it’s rainy, grey and cold (which it never is in LA.)

La Palissade by photo Time Out Magazine 

What’s your favorite Parisian neighborhood/clothing store & resto. What about these do you love/relate to.

My favourite neighbourhood is the 9th arrondissement, it’s beautiful, plenty of cool shops and restaurants, and great nightlife. But my favourite restaurant these days is La Palissade in the 10th. It’s perfect in every way and that’s very rare in Paris.

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino 

What music are you listening to now besides your own. Whose has influenced you?

I’m listening to so much things, it’s hard to tell! Recently I really loved the last Childish Gambino album, and over the last few years there are albums and artists I keep listening often, so I guess it might have influenced my music in some way. Todd Terje, Jamie XX, The Avalanches, DJ Rashad, Leon Vynehall, Kaytranada, Jubilee…I could go on with a very long list actually ahaha

Pile ou Face image by Time Out 

What’s your favorite club to play at. And your favorite to drink and dance at?

Le Fou, La Mano, Pile ou Face, Le Carroussel…

Describe your ideal day in Paris.

It’d be in late spring. I wake up early enough to see the last lights of the city and the sun rising. have a good breakfast at a terrace somewhere, then write music. I’ll lunch outside at La Palissade then walk the streets looking for cool shops and little hidden Parisian streets. I’d have drinks and tapas with my friends on the docks.

Then we’d go to whichever club will become my DJ’ing HQ for the next 6 months. Finally then I’d go home and realise how lucky I am to be in this beautiful city.