Paris Summer Trends: Booties and Blazers


Upon my arrival in Paris, thanks to all the incredibly chic French women, I immediately noticed all the wardrobe essentials I had somehow been living without. All the Parisiennes strolling the streets were, of course, clad in the latest Paris summer trends. I realized my summer simply would not be completely chic without the perfect blazer and pair of booties so effortlessly donned by all these French women.

While a blazer might not be the most obvious choice for summer, it can be that missing piece of any outfit. A blazer can class up or dress up any ensemble, whether it includes pants or a dress. The blazer also goes seamlessly from day to night, depending just on the attire underneath. This season is also seeing blazers in bold new hues, perfect for injecting a pop of color into any outfit. Simply throw on all black with a bold blazer, and you’re already looking Parisian chic. In addition to their daring hues, blazers are popping up with sequin detail and in creative, unexpected materials. 

My personal favorite, which I came across at Maje, was a black tuxedo-style blazer with a satin collar and navy blue sequin sleeves, not to mention that it also came in cream with gold sleeves. It was stunning and the perfect piece for any nighttime adventure in the City of Light. But never fear, if you’re looking for a more day-to-day piece, there is something for you: white, which can be the perfect color because it’s the antithesis to winter’s black and goes with any outfit or complexion. If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, however, certainly go with a bolder color (you’ll wear it more than you think!). Though blazers have been a fashion staple for quite some time, as with so many other essentials, the Parisians have reinvented this one for summer to make it that perfect touch to any outfit, day or night.

Though I loved almost all the blazers I saw, my heart truly lies with the booties strutting all over Paris. Again, the bootie isn’t the most obvious choice for summer, but with the sometimes-unpredictable weather in early summer in Paris, no other shoe choice could be more perfect. Whether it drizzles or shines, the bootie is perfect for keeping you warm, cool or just right. Any bootie, heeled or flat, looks great with a pair of skinny jeans, a tee and—sorry, I can’t help myself—a blazer. Booties are also perfect to pair with any dress if you want to add some edge to an otherwise girly frock. 

This summer the most popular styles are booties that are low-heeled (Dieu merci!) or simply flat. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed comfort and style. Booties are showing up in black, browns, tans, pewter and even some white suedes. So enjoy the new variety of colors—for once we’re not confined to the dreary black and browns of winter. Styles seem to vary from looser, relaxed looks to those that are more structured and equestrian-inspired, making the bootie perfect for those of you who go for a casual look or who prefer a look that’s a bit more classic. 

As always, I found Paris and the trends awe-inspiring, so I insist you keep an eye out for that fun blazer or a cute pair of booties. If you do, you’re already on your way to achieving a little bit of that je ne sais quoi.
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