Paris Spas: The French Beauty Secret


Open the beautiful door on Place Vendome to a French Beauty secret 

I’ve reached that age where all my friends are talking injections, dermabrasions, lights, laser and an entire recipe of cocktails I have a hard time digesting. “Ladies,” I want to hollar, “let’s just go for a kir royale!” Yet, when I look in the mirror, it is clear, even for my feeble eyes, that a drink is no longer the solution. The wrinkles have moved in, and will stay if I don’t do something about it. But I’m a bred in the bones California, even my hair dye is natural, so injections of pure poison are not going to work for me. I was on the hunt for something a bit more natural and infinitely less dramatic. The answer was handed to me when the Girls Guide to Paris asked me to test Softmesology at the Aquamoon Spa on the prestigious Place Vendôme, a unique place among Paris spas.

the gorgeous place Vendome

I was greeted by Virginie, wearing a stylish, white lab coat, who introduced me to the latest anti-age treatment to hit the Paris market. Needle free, pain free, Softmesology was been developed to give women a relaxing spa experience as they cared for their skin. Having won the H Pierantoni award for innovation, it is taking the local market by storm, seducing celebrities and business women alike.

the Softmesology therapy gel 

Softmesology was created for women looking for a solution somewhere between the plastic surgeons scalpel and the plethora of creams on the market today. When Virginie escorted me into the treatment room and started showing me all the tools, I was admittedly intimidated. There were things that looked like they would poke, or prod and everything seemed to have a very long, scientific name attached. But Virginie has the large brown eyes of a gentle doe, so I trusted her and her enthusiasm. 

Comfortable in the spa setting, I laid down on


the heated table, snuggled under my covers and got down the business of relaxing as Virginie went to work on my face. Using a serum with apple stem cells, rich in peptides, she applied the product on my skin with a roller ball that is on the tip of a rather intimidating looking tool that looked a bit difficult to manipulate, but felt great. My skin was then massaged with a wand that disperses electro-stimulation, delivering the product to the very core of skin cells. Virginie had to keep applying product as she went, adjusting the quantity to my surprisingly dry skin. A little cryotherapy come next, in the form of a small wand that fixes the product in place, or something like that. To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the details as I savored the invigorating sensation of the wand cooling my skin. Finally a little light therapy activates the oxygen in your skin, giving it a boost of energy. After the treatment I enjoyed a relaxing scalp massage. I could have stayed

after, relax in the spa’s pools 

Sounds great, but does it work? A truly effective Softmesology treatment consists of 4 session over a one month period with bi-annual refreshers, so the change was not dramatic, I did notice that my wrinkles are now not as deep as they were before the session. More importantly my skin is full, smooth and well hydrated for the first time in years. Visitors to Paris may not have the time for a full treatment program, but Softmesology is the ideal tool in fighting the signs of jet lag.
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