Paris Shopping: Seen on the Streets of Paris


There’s still a chill on the streets of Paris, but we all hope spring will take over the city and Paris fashion at any moment. Until then, women are keeping warm and looking fabulous in woolly hats.
From edgy black unembellished numbers to clouds of soft white wool and fur pom-poms, it is worth taking note of beauty and the beanie. From what I have seen, Parisians don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup, but when they do, Paris easily becomes one of the best cities for luxe understated looks.
Red lips remain a perennial Parisian favorite, and there were hundreds of women ironically wearing the bobble hat, but a few had incorporated the hat with true style.

I loved the low-key bare face of a girl wearing an oversize red bobble hat in Temple, and the bleach blond hair shining out from a black beanie worn by a girl all in black strolling in le Marais. But there is something quite bewitching about a berry lip and a woolly hat—something about emphasizing the natural flush of a face in the cold. One lady out shopping did just that with a white matted wool hat and raspberry lips.
Some inspiration from the streets of Paris as always. 

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