Paris Shopping: Joyeuse St-Valentin! Vivre l’Amour!


In the City of Love, we are saturated with romance, whether simply strolling along the Seine, having dinner and a glass of champagne or enjoying the night view of Paris from Montmartre.

But what can a man or woman offer his or her special someone to express endless love? Here are a couple of Paris shopping tips. 

A French man wandering around the streets of the Marais will be drawn to the very fine jewelry handmade by the artisans of the Atelier Monsieur. The Little Queen ring is subtly constructed in the shape of a crown, and its irregularity is a mark of the originality and uniqueness of each ring created in the workshop in Paris. You can choose from a wide variety of precious stones and diamonds, and from the color gold, silver or rose. Monsieur represents the chic elegance of every French woman.


A French woman likes to give a gift that is subtly provocative, a little coquine. The Atamé bracelet, designed by Régis Dajczman of the brand When I Was Seven7een, is the perfect gift. At first glance, this rock bracelet will be twisted around your wrist, but the Atamé unfolds itself and can become a pair of handcuffs: the perfect libertine accessory to attach who you want when you want. Atamé means “attach me” in Spanish and is a reference to Pedro Almodóvar’s film Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Choose your own color and craft your sweetheart’s name on it. He will be yours.
Enjoy the day of LOVE!

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