Paris Shopping: A Super Girls' Day Out


Super Girls Emilie and Fifi

Super Girls Emilie and Fifi. Photo: Les Super Girls

Want to meet the most creative girls in Paris? Great—because 30 of them are throwing a party just for you! All your hostesses are artists and three of them work as event planners. Every year, they get together and host Le Super Market: two days of fashion, fun and special sales with live music, yummy food and drinks. You can learn the Lindy Hop or take an Etsy-sponsored atelier. But, above all, you can do your Paris shopping and buy something beautiful straight from its créatrice.

Super Market 2011

Super Market 2011. Photo: Courtesy Super Girl Fifi Mandirac.

Six girlfriends started Le Super Market three years ago. Fifi, Emilie, Véro, Nini, Violette and Karine admire each other’s work, love to collaborate and have written, worked on or appeared in various books—such as Paris Vintage, Print and Pattern, Cartes and L’art des masking tapes. They have baptized themselves Les Super Girls and, once you party with them, you will understand why.

Music at Super Market 2011

Music at Super Market 2011. Photo: Courtesy Super Girl Fifi Mandirac.


This year, their Super Market has a fresh lineup. With more than 30 creators—over twice as many as last year—you’ll find everything from fresh flowers to couture and jewelry to home wares. There are children’s clothing, toys and furnishings; elegant handbags, vintage goods and handmade lingerie. Because of the Super Girls’ links to fashion and publishing, there is also papeterie galore. This includes whimsical stickers (customize your boudoir or just your iPhone!), elegant letterpress work, prints and origami art. The Japanese publisher Editions de Paris is selling its popular series of lifestyle books, titles like Girly Interiors in Paris, Parisiennes’ Romantic Accessories or Secrets of Parisiennes’ Bags.

Super Market 2011

Photo: Courtesy Super Girl Fifi Mandirac.

I’d like to plug the Super Girl who got me interested: stylist, graphic designer and authoress Fifi Mandirac. Mandirac is in love with color and, once you see her work, you’ll want everything. Her métier is beautiful papers and stationery, but she also has delicate lanterns, summer fans, stickers, badges, boxes and more. In addition to her books, don’t miss Fifi’s Philtre d’Amour love charms or her packets of “surprises.”

Photo: Les Super Girls.

There is lots of fashion here designed by Parisiennes. Among all the lingerie, dresses, hats and accessories you’ll even find a few things for the boys. From the charming children’s clothes by Louis*Louise to the handmade shoes of Alix de la Forest, there is a treat for any kind of girl.
It’s a great place to meet the young creators, too. You can chat at anyone’s table or in the mezzanine café. Paris shopping is rarely this warm—or this inexpensive. You’ll also benefit from goodies made just for the day, such as specially wrapped bars of Super Chocolate. If a sunny day helps put you in the mood, that’s great. But I’ll be there, even if it Super Snows.

Pied de Poule

Pied de Poule. Photo: Cynthia Rose.


In addition to those ladies mentioned above, look out for Paris shopping finds such as delicate ceramics by Lise Meunier, surprises from the ever-ingenious Zoé de las Cases, carnets by Papier Tigre and the faux-vintage china of Pied de Poule.
If you can’t make it on the day, most participants have websites or online stores listed at Le Super Market.
• Le Super Market, May 12 and May 13, Espace Commines, 17, rue Commines, in the 3rd Arrondissement.
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