Paris Restaurants: Métropolitain


all photos by Le Grumeau 


8, rue de Jouy 

75004 Paris
09 81 20 37 38 

Quartier: St Paul, Marais 

We had dinner at the Métropolitain not so long ago. Don’t worry, the Métropolitain isn’t the Parisian subway but a relatively new Paris restaurant opened two years ago by a talented French chef, Paul Arthur Berlan. Le Métropolitain is located in Saint-Paul, one of the most charming Parisian neighborhoods, not far from the Marais. Every dish we had that night was perfectly executed and the service was very attentive.



Things started off well with the marinated gambas (large shrimp), granny smith apple and red pepper. The appetizer was not only a pleasure for the eyes but also for the palate, the granny smith dressing brought a pleasant fruity touch to the gambas. My friend had a crunchy soft boiled egg which came with crunchy asparagus. The egg was well cooked, with a golden crust on the outside while the inside was smooth. 


Your veggie friends will be satisfied as well, the risotto fregola sarda with mushrooms was a hit. Fregola sarda are very tiny pasta, cooked risotto style, which gives them a creamy touch. My friend went with the chicken supreme, the meat was tender as a rose and we could almost finish it with the spoon. 

chicken supreme 

To finish things off sweetly, I recommend the lemon tart. It is truly superb, with a fresh burst of citrus. The chef once again went off the beaten path by replacing the traditional crust with a sablé breton, a traditional biscuit from Brittany. 

lemon tart 

Last word? For less than €50 each, we had a ticket to heaven. The chef only made a few small mistakes but we quickly forgot them.

In a nutshell: Le Métropolitain headed up by Chef Paul Arthur Berlan serves up deliciously modern takes on French classics in a metro-themed restaurant for reasonable prices.
If you like Le Métropolitain, then you’ll like Vin des Pyrénées right around the corner. More of a bistro but with a similarly modern take on the classics.


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