Paris Passions: Yoga


A class at Atelier Marais

A class at Atelier Marais.

Once you’ve been bit by the yoga bug, you really need your yoga. Even if you are in Paris walking hundreds of miles a day as you explore the sites, your body will really begin to miss yoga. A few years ago, this was something of a problem. Unless you had a strong practice of your own, options for yoga in Paris were limited to a few local studios, and not all of them were particularly nice places. That has all changed, and there are now lots of choices for yoga in Paris if you’re looking for some downward-dog time through all the sightseeing. 

The padlock at Rasa

The padlock at Rasa.

A particularly beautiful studio, in a charmingly ancient building (look to your left as you enter the courtyard—the dark timber door boasts a 17th-century padlock the size of your opened hand!) on the left bank, is Rasa. The space is light and airy, while the teachers are equally at ease in French and English, meeting the needs of their clients from near or far.

Yogis in downward dog at a Paris yoga studio

Downward-dogging it.

On the right bank, Atelier Marais has just opened its doors in an elegant building on the rue Charlot, the perfect location for a restful session after a day visiting all the young designers in this supertrendy neighborhood. I took a course here one evening and was particularly enchanted with the view into the neighbors’ apartments across the street: locals living their daily lives.For a purely Ashtanga experience, Trini is a peaceful place with a great feel and plenty of class options. If the class schedules don’t work out for you, or you simply prefer a private lesson, Dorion Davis is a Canadian transplant who will come to you to teach a serious Ashtanga session.

Yoga teacher Dorion Davis

Dorion will have you in stitches, then tie you into knots.

For news and updates on the local scene, YogaConcept is an e-boutique that sells yoga fashion but also posts upcoming workshops with contact information for private teachers and local studios. It’s a great place to head if you’ve forgotten your yoga gear and need the perfect top or a new mat to enjoy your class. If you call the contact number, YogaConcept will arrange same-day delivery within Paris for Girls’ Guide readers.

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Editor’s note: For a very zen hotel experience in Paris, check into Hôtel Gabriel, near the trendy Marais, Paris’ first “detox” hotel, or try the eco-friendly Hidden Hotel.