Your Paris Palette: Halloween Orange


Orange fashion in Paris this autumn

Upper left: Lanvin defilé A/H 2012/2013; upper right: Carven; lower left: Allude gloves (Bon Marché); lower right, Heimstone boots (23, rue du Cherche-Midi).

Just in time for Halloween! From Hermès to the metro sign that indicates Line 5, orange plays a particular role in the City of Light. This year, if you pay attention, you’ll find it everywhere. From the Paris fashion shows to Prada‘s David Bowie look, it provides this fall’s sharpest visual element. As our gray skies descend, orange is a welcome spark in the dark.

Paris Fashion: From the streets and the metro to the boutiques, orange is everywhere in Paris

Upper left: Marlies Dekkers (23, rue du Cherche-Midi), Eternal Sunshine lingerie; upper right: cones, rue Lobineau; lower left: metro seats, Saint-Michel; lower right: Barbara Rihl leather bag for Pierre Hermé.

Sometimes the color comes in a vintage tint—recalling the Pop art and A Clockwork Orange of the ’60s. But, just as often, it’s richer: radiant in couture from Lanvin or saucy in stripes on a Carven coat. Sunburst orange is autumn’s surprise color for lingerie, especially at Princesse Tam Tam, where it stars in the fluorescent model Tutu. This beruffled bit of fun has already chalked up record sales. The Dutch-born designer Marlies Dekkers‘s lingerie also has innumerable fans in Paris (not to mention the likes of Diana Ross and Rihanna). This year, her collection Eternal Sunshine comes in a clementine orange.

Top: Prada ad, collection A/H 2012/2013 (Bowie suit); center: Paris metro logo, Line 5; bottom: Hermès boxes/courtesy Mme M. Lopes.

Accessories in orange are another autumn must, from sharp gloves and snazzy scarves to Dior glasses and Prada shoe soles. You’ll find sunburst tones in Tod’s Sumatra handbag—and in candy corn–colored rubber Wellingtons. Paris fashionistas love Pierre Hermé‘s first “handbag” (a leather copy of the shop’s carrier by his partner Barbara Rihl). All go well with Aigle’s orange-and-black striped marinières.
Parisienne Alix Petit opened the first of her Heimstone shops last April. This winter, Petit matches orange with deep strawberry, for luscious velvet dresses (she also uses it in jeans and ponchos). What Petit’s Paris fashion followers really love is Heimstone bottines. The favorite fall model is Chipotle, a feminine bootie in orange and rose, inspired by old-time gaiters.

Buildings and boutiques in Paris boast orange hues

Upper left: building facade, 6th Arrondissement; upper right: Catherine André; bottom: rack at Gérard Darel.


When it comes to pumpkin and perfect knits, try Catherine André. In many ways, André’s label is a well-kept secret—even though three generations have supported her talents. Her beautiful clothes are true investment pieces whose intense colors and wonderful patterns come from everywhere. The label’s 27-person team, headed by André’s husband, supervises work that is “90 percent made in France.” This year, her label mixes orange with brilliant greens and blues. The separates are all singular—travel worthy and ultraversatile.

An orange palette for autumn in Paris

Upper left: Catherine André; upper right: Lanvin defilé A/H 2012/2013; lower left: primeurs, Verger du Luxembourg; lower right: Carven.

So, orange is a Paris fashion color that sounds alarms. Yet, as the days draw in, you will gravitate toward it. Try it girlish in delicate, petit pois gloves—or slip into something chic. Crackling fires, radiant sunsets, rough-skinned citrus: orange can easily provide your perfect Halloween sweet!
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