Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


Traditionally a military garment, the trench coat—with its wide lapels and monochromatic, no-fuss, heavy-duty fabric—is definitely one of my favorite coats. Like the best Paris fashion, it has a timeless quality, thanks to its dramatic silhouette and functional details that just make sense, and, after being adopted by big fashion houses like Burberry, it has become one the most coveted rain jackets.
Many women are wearing trench coats on the streets of Paris, and I was able to capture but a few of them. From styles that range from downright chic to simple, everyday cover-up, here are a few of note. 

The longer the trench coat is, the more dramatic it is, and that means you’ll make more of an entrance when wearing it. This can be said for the thick black wool number worn by a blonde beauty outside the Tuileries. The detail around the collar made for an effortlessly chic look.


Another lady who looked beautiful in a trench coat wore a light beige midi version with matching scarf and jumper outside Galeries Lafayette. It looked great with her tan boots, which matched the outfit’s desert tones.
Women were also wearing shorter styles, which are a great way to cover up during the transitional seasons but not quite as showstopping as longer trench coats.

Invest well in a trench coat you love—it won’t let you down! 

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