Paris Fashion: Stock Stores in the 10th


Paris isn’t Paris without fashion. A walk down the street is a runway experience in itself. A lover of fashion, and especially Paris fashion, I’m infatuated with the style of this city. Being passed by one chic Parisian after another, I can’t help but lust after the high fashion tempting me at every corner. But since couture isn’t always in my budget, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the wonderful world of stock stores. In the 10th Arrondissement, there are a handful of outlets for fabulous French designers, which offer discounts of up to 50 percent. These stock stores can solve all your fashion woes and bring the essence of Parisian style right to your wardrobe.
Les Petites is filled with styles and shapes guaranteed to make both moms and daughters happy. Located just off the canal Saint-Martin, it is an essential stop when stock hunting in the area. The store is filled with reduced items, most of which are in the range of 50 euros to just under 200 euros. Isabelle Bénichou started the brand in 1992, hoping to create a prêt-à-porter line that would bring style to any woman, every day. This idea translates flawlessly even in her stock store. Her affinity for the feminine touch is also clear in the racks of dresses, whether you’re looking for a sundress or that perfect cocktail ensemble. The collection comprises clothing from current and previous seasons, ranging from youthful floral print dresses to more structured pieces, including blazers in both neutral and playful tones. Overall, shopping this trendy yet practical collection hardly feels like a discount experience.

Another Paris Fashion must-see in the stock trip of the 10th is Claudie Pierlot. Located a few steps from Les Petites, any girlie girl willing to shell out a few more euros is sure to find a thing or two, with prices reduced up to 40 percent. The store is filled with feminine shapes that incorporate prints and details like bows, stars and much, much more. The brand attracts youthful Parisians who are fans of Sandro and Maje, and who also can’t resist the perfect ménage of taste, trends and feminine detail. En tout, definitely stop here in the quest for affordable high fashion, and you’ll see why we can’t stop talking about Claudie Pierlot!

If Claudie Pierlot piques your interest, then be sure to stop at Maje—another chic brand with a girlie attitude. Despite the markdowns, prices can range from under 100 euros up to around 300 euros. The brand boasts classic pieces with modern touches, including elegant blazers with sequin detail. This location also carries accessories, from handbags to sandals to belts and boots. Various materials are used in interesting ways throughout the collection, adding edge and appeal to otherwise simple pieces. These include leather bandeaux and high-waisted lace shorts. Like Claudie, Maje uses details to create a more interesting feminine look, easily seen in the plethora of LBDs. Despite the uniform color of the dresses, each is distinct because of Maje’s unique and modern take on a classic piece. Maje is a Parisian must in my little black book!

Located around the corner on the rue Beaurepaire, Bel Air presents a discount shopping experience. Although not my favorite of the bunch, the shop can certainly offer some diamonds in the rough. The materials used are not always the most luxurious, despite that Bel Air’s pricing is similar to that of Maje—even with the 50 percent discount. Of all the stores, Bel Air is the only one with an atmosphere that reminds you that you are in a discount store. If you’re looking for more casual pieces, however, you may find what you’re looking for here. Certainly, do pop in to peruse the styles, which are arranged by color, because again, at least one or two cute, colorful blouses may be waiting.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a more mature style, be sure to check out Ekyog. This store boasts the lowest prices of the bunch, with a collection of comfortable materials and styles, in neutral tones with a prominent earthy vibe. The store also carries the brand’s baby line and presents pictures of its involvement with various charities. The feel-good vibe is evident in all aspects of the brand, which makes for an overall stress-free and successful shopping experience.

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22, rue Beaurepaire.
33, rue Beaurepaire.

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