Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


In honor of Valentine’s Day in the world’s most romantic city, this week’s Paris fashion post is dedicated to love. If you are wondering what to wear on your next visit to the city that is also one of the world’s most stylish, then check out these couples showing their affection on the streets of Paris.

All photos by Krystal Kenney. 

Since winter is still with us, many couples can be found layering the latest styles of French apparel for warmth. For a look that you can’t go wrong with, try combining layers of black with basic patterns and plain tones, as shown here by this couple on the streets of Montmartre. The girl’s floral dress adds the perfect dash of color to her otherwise plain clothing. 

Always remember that with typical French apparel, it’s best to keep your look simple yet chic. Start with a basic color and then add some highlights, as with this lovely woman’s scarf. The orange and black bring out her skin tone without overdoing it. 

Which brings me to my next Paris fashion love: scarves. You can spot warm and stylish scarves on all these couples. Scarves are a great way to add depth and fun to your outfit without hours of preparation and decision making. 

You will find almost all Parisians showing off their favorite design and style all over the city. Outfits are not nearly as beautiful on the streets of Paris without the little extra flare of a well-designed scarf. Basic tones go with any outfit.
For more ideas on how to wear your perfect scarf, check out the video 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!
What could be trendier than classic love spotted all over Parisian streets? As you can see from this cute couple sitting in front of the I Love You Wall in Montmartre, there are plenty of romantic locations to show off your Paris fashion. For more information on the I Love You Wall, read our blog post about it.


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Krystal Kenney is an American living in Paris as a photographer and writer. Her specialty is romantic photography trips in the City of Love.