Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


As I strolled the streets of Paris, I went to cross the road. On the other side I saw a couple wearing great Paris fashion: a man dressed in green velvet, with a hat and along mustard scarf, and a woman in a dramatic tartan coat, her lips red and her white hair swept away from her face. I had to stop them. 

I waited awkwardly at the side of the road as everyone crossed, and then I approached them and asked for their photograph. They didn’t have much time, but we took a few pictures with bike in tow.
I began to notice touches that I hadn’t seen from far away, like the leather layer that Cécile was wearing, and the gentleman’s fingerless gloves. Then of course there was the combination of red sandals and socks peeking out of turned-up jeans. It was brilliant with such a wonderfully oversize coat.
Not surprisingly, the couple were a musician and an artist, and worked in fashion.
After taking the photographs, I bid them farewell, feeling a little different. What you wear does have so much impact on those around you, expressing your character if you want it to. I feel thankful to everyone who has let me photograph them and shown me a bit of themselves. 

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