Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


Paris fashion has captured my attention once again this week, filling the streets with eye-catching dashes of blue. Mundane ensembles have become completely revamped with this gorgeous tone found all over Parisian outfits. Adding this color is a surefire way to vamp up your style if you find yourself in a rut. 

If black is your main canvas, then here are a few tricks to spice it up! Take a look at this Parisian beauty’s gorgeous shoes and handbag. Notice how the subtle hue of denim-blue shoes creates depth and allure for her outfit. Her chic canvas tote bag also grabs attention with its bottom lining of baby blue, which adds light to her look without overpowering the entire outfit. 

Remember that you don’t have to get dressed up to embrace color popping—the pop might come from an accessory, such as a handbag or a piece of jewelry, rather than an item of clothing. Black satin flats and a blazer provide the perfect backdrop for a big dose of color. Take a look at this cute couple perusing the streets near the Louvre, presenting once again that fab shade of blue. The girl’s shorts bring edginess and excitement to her outfit, which could otherwise fade away without this perfect dash of color. 

Be sure to wear your color correctly. This latest trend seems to be a combination of mixing and matching, so to balance any outfit, try wearing a lighter shade on top and a darker shade on the bottom or vice versa. And don’t forget about layering—black heels and flats go with just about any outfit, and color can always be layered with your everyday blacks and whites. With spring right around the corner, make a statement with your outfit this season by adding playful hues and eye-catching color. 

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Krystal Kenney is an American living in Paris as a photographer and writer. Her specialty is romantic photography trips in the City of Love.