Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


The sun may have been out in bursts, but since Paris has had the wettest spring since 1873, factoring in how to keep the rain at bay has affected Paris fashion in the most wonderful of ways. I saw all sorts of inventive and chic cover-ups on the boulevards and snapped the best of them.
One of the most romantic was a woman whose head was covered with a scarf, which she could take down once the rain shower had ended. With a pale wisp of skirt and leggings, it was an outfit you could imagine a heroine of a novel wearing.
Androgynous hats, harking back to when we all wore one outside, worked very well for short walks from work to a café or from shops to a museum. Outside the Centre Pompidou, one woman wore gray tones and a bowler hat: simple and chic, yet effective. Woolly hats under umbrellas also looked great, especially when paired with cat’s-eye frames (I really love cat’s-eye frames!).
And then of course there were those who simply wore what they always wear and carried an umbrella. Why not? Oh, and a coffee cup as a hand warmer—a little style tip inherited from the other side of the Atlantic!
So here is to sun, but if the rain comes, we are prepared!

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