Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


In London, my home capital, there are areas (such as Dalston) where people dress as eccentrically as the Parisians do chic. I haven’t seen as much Paris fashion on the streets of the City of Light that looks less than polished, but whenever I do, I snap it up. Here are a few Parisian women wearing something a little different from the boulevard norm.
A vision in pastels and netting, I saw her walking through the market. We discussed her outfit for a while, and she told me how it belonged to a specific style of Japanese dressing. And then she charmingly drifted away.
Her flame-red hair and rock-and-roll outfit compelled me to stop another woman near Pernety and ask for her photograph. I love how she paired black frames with such a devil-may-care outfit.
Hot pants, red lips and a beret don’t sound like they should work together, but this woman looked incredible! Her confidence enhanced my experience photographing her, reminding us that we should wear our clothes rather than let them wear us.
And then there was a woman in floral leggings, with a polka-dot satchel, her look offset by a choppy bob. She just appeared so relaxed and cool, cycling back from a day in the City of Light, effortlessly pulling off multiple prints.
Great inspiration, and something a little different, from those who are defining style for themselves on the streets of Paris.
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