Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris


Preppy is all grown up on the streets of Paris, with amazing eyewear, blazers and shirts beautifully coordinated with color. This style of Paris fashion is quirky yet still thoroughly Parisian, and I looked at a few women channeling it on and off the boulevards.
One woman took on navy in all textures with a woolen blazer, silk polka-dot shirt and jeans combined to create a chic-preppy look that screamed cool and put together. The red lipstick was the perfect final, and rather Parisian, touch. In fact, coordination was a key feature. Another woman wore emerald skinny trousers that matched her scarf, and black frames that matched her velvet blazer.
My favorite outfit? That of a woman at the Ysé fashion show, wearing a light pink shirt with olive-framed glasses, skinny jeans and a red patent belt. I loved this look: fresh faced, quirky and gorgeous.
And of course do not forget the eyewear! No one does eyewear quite as well as the Parisians, I find. The wonderful array of eyewear might have something to do with la mutuelle (a supplemental private insurance policy that includes a provision for new glasses), which many Parisians have, or it might be because of the gorgeous boutiques that I see all around the city. From tortoiseshell cat-eye frames to large lilac ones, lunettes are definitely something to behold and a look transformer. Another way to achieve instant prep on a budget is to master the 1.5-inch jean turnup. This adjustment adorned ankles of Parisian women everywhere.
So keep collars, turnups, blazers and Parisian frames all gracefully put together and color coordinated for a look that goes beyond student and well into the realms of chic.
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