Paris Fashion: Pigments and Prints


Ladies searching for the Holy Grail of Paris fashion, listen up! Stop fearing colors and patterns and learn to wear them confidently. When looking to revitalize your wardrobe with color and print, it’s natural to be hesitant, but it’s time we reclaim our right to fun shades and trendy pieces regardless of our age, body type or budget.

Parisian ladies have already mastered the secrets to wearing color tastefully and in a way that is form flattering, and today we’re letting you in on the clandestine color conspiracy. When reintegrating bright hues or trying a new print, the one thing it is imperative to keep in mind is silhouette—the shape of your figure in a certain outfit. When focusing on silhouette, it is all about balance and harmony. A good fit and complementary shape is the bread and butter of a successful outfit, and when experimenting with color, it’s the fine line between colorful chic and circus-tent explosion!

The surefire way to pull off an electric hue or an energetic fabric is with an empire-waist dress. By emphasizing the most favorable curves on the female body, such as the waist, décolletage and a little leg, an empire-waist dress is a great go-to silhouette when searching for the perfect way to wear color. Tone down your look with a monochromatic blazer. Playing with accessories is another good way to learn another important fashion technique: color blocking. Color blocking is a crucial element of fashion and an excellent way to start learning to reintegrate pigment back into your closet. It’s typically defined as a method of wearing multiple colors within a single outfit, and the best place to look for a complementary color-block shade is opposite the tone of your staple garment on the color wheel.

For instance, red and green are good colors to wear together, as they correspond and provide a counterbalance that is pleasing to the eye. Orange and blue, yellow and purple, magenta and lime—the list of combinations is yours to decide. Reclaim your right to funky saturations and lively patterns in a stylish, form-flattering way by remembering to color block and by focusing on a balanced silhouette. The world of psychedelic and vibrant fashion is yours.

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