Paris Fashion: Maison Fabre, the Glove Master


quality leather gloves that are a timeless Paris fashion accessory, we turn to Maison Fabre, a luxury French glove maker founded in 1924. Etienne Fabre established the glove business in his own home with his brother. 

the leather themselves, with the help of a few people who hand stitched the gloves for them. As they grew they moved to Millau, employing 300 people, and they remain there to this day. 

Maison Fabre likens its know-how to famous designers and French fashion haute couture houses. It pays special attention to authenticity and focuses on detail. Maison Fabre creates gloves that are true works of art, and they are the perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your list. Click and buy these today. 

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in the 1st Arrondissement. 01 42 60 75 88.