Paris Fashion: Jérôme L’Huillier


Women in Paris whisper his name only to their best friends. Hidden in one of the city’s most secret places, this Paris fashion designer embodies precisely what fashion in the City of Light should always be—joyful, colorful, unique. And that’s what wearing his clothes makes us: unique.
His shop is located in the extraordinary setting of the Palais Royal, a quiet garden in the heart of Paris surrounded by what used to be home to royalty. Just open the door to his shop, and there he is, coming down from his studio to welcome you, making you feel instantly at home.

Beyond his presence, his precious advice, his work says it all: the dresses, the knitwear—in one word, the clothing! L’Huillier’s style is like that of no other, with a classic silhouette, clean lines and plain elegance. Printed fabrics are designed right in the studio above the shop. You won’t see his colors and psychedelic patterns anywhere else.

Here, each dress is timeless, elegant, made for you. Believe me, these dresses will take your self-esteem sky-high. They will reveal your own inner elegance. You might even feel as sexy as Ali MacGraw or Jacqueline Bisset, who inspired him. Jérôme L’Huillier is also known for his knitwear. Lucky us: winter is here to stay!
“No fashion diktat,” he says. The clothes he designs are for women like us, far from the catwalks of fashion week. The dresses are just fun, elegant in all sizes and shapes. Let’s not forget, though, that he worked with the finest and most famous, like Givenchy, Balmain and Lapidus. He creates a whole universe, an invisible signature, and yet one that is so unique. And always fashionable, too. His style goes beyond fashion: “It is a way of seeing the world.”

Jérôme L’Huillier opened his shop in the gardens of the Palais Royal 18 years ago. He was the first designer who dared setting foot in this unknown Parisian architectural jewel. He did not know he would pave the way for all the others: Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and many more. Let’s hope that he’ll be there for many more years to come! So what do you say: ready to meet your new favorite Paris fashion designer? 

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Jérôme L’Huillier
138, Jardins du Palais Royal, in the 1st Arrondissement.

Palais Royal
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