Paris Cocktails: Paris Pub Crawl


The cast of the Big Chill sans Kevin Costner

I always felt for Kevin Costner, being left on the cutting room floor from the smash hit The Big Chill back in 1983. But hey, he did ok for himself winning 2 Oscars. Like Kevin, my pub crawls were left out of my recently released book entitled Paris Cocktails but I wanted to share them with you anyway.

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Apparently the book was getting too thick, too full of 100+ French cocktail recipes and more than 100 bars in Paris and all over the world as well as party planning guides and much more. Yeah…I’m proud of it. But still don’t you love a pub crawl? I do.
I’ve actually got three of them but I’m just going to share two with you now. The 3rd I’m going to save for another post in a week or two….can’t spill all the beans at once now can we? 

Photo Rue-Oberkampf-by Amélie-Dupont-

Oberkampf & Marais Crawl & Nosh
This pub-crawl is not your typical university-style cheap booze night out. These are some of the most sophisticated bars in town, so prepare your wallet and your crowd for an “uptown” night out on the town.
Use this google map to chart your route. 

Owners Nicolas and Melissa at Bespoke 

Start at Bespoke for bespoke cocktails and scrumptious nibbles. Say hello to owner Nicolas, one of the sweetest guys we know. We recommend the Capri C’est Fini made with rum and cherry tomatoes. Enjoy this unusual yet delicious cocktail with an order of their jamon croquettes.
Head after to Mary Celeste, a favorite amongst the knowledgeable crowd and order a Setting Sun which should go down easy with some oysters.

Nosh at Candelaria photo via

Move onto Candelaria, also owned by the Mary Celeste group. Walk through the little taco hut (or stop if you want to try a trio of small handmade tacos) and head to the back room behind the unmarked door to reach the bar. Try the Guêpe Verte for something a little spicy.
Stop in and say hi to Amanda Boucher at the Pas de Loup bar. Good eats are available here if you are still hungry including cocktail pairings. Let her wow you with one of her off the charts cocktails. Feel free to speak English, she’s from Minnesota!

Pouring a glass of natural wine at the Clown Bar

End your night in the romantic room at the Clown Bar with beautiful tiles from the early 20th century and share a bottle of natural wine with your friends. Yes you’ve already had 3 or 4 cocktails and that’s enough for you! Try any of their small bites on offer, I love the cooked oysters on leeks but you can’t go wrong here with any selection, as there is some serious talent in the kitchen. 

Beautiful tiles from the early 1900’s decorate the historic Clown Bar, renewed and revamped by the guys from Saturne.

If your stamina holds up, head over to Rex or Badaboum nightclubs and dance your calories off until 2am!
Rex 5 Blvd. Poissonière, 75002 tel. 01 42 36 10 96 open until 7am.
Badaboum 2 bis Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 open until 6:30am.

Word to the wise:
At a pub-crawl try to spend 45 minutes to one hour in each place, sipping your one cocktail and be sure to have a glass of water too at each spot. Luckily Paris bars automatically give you a verre d’eau before you order which is not only a nice touch, but a smart way to enjoy your night and have a pain-free morning the next day. Noshing at each place as we recommend in the crawls is trés intelligent! Lets face it, to be stumbling drunk is not attractive on anyone.
Hydration + one cocktail max per hour = a happy morning!
Craft Cocktail Cruise
Start where it all started at the ECC sipping something light and refreshing like an Experiment 1. 37 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002 Paris

Fish& chips from Johanna’s photo via SmarteParis

Grab a snack on the go at Johanna’s fish and chips across the street to coat your stomach. 30 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002
Walk over to Lockwood on the rue D’Aboukir, head downstairs and sit in anything but purgatory in the prison room and drink a Frida Khalo, with tequila that’s actually crafted by a French woman in Mexico.  73 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002

Club Raye

Then go to Club Raye, not in the book simply as there was no room – but this is a wonderful piano bar that plays music on two levels every night of the week. 26 rue Dussoubs, 75002 tel: 01 40 13 72 93 

A refreshing cocktail at Jefrey’s.

End your evening close to where you started at Jefrey’s and say hello to Guilliaume. Upstairs there’s more room but its fun to watch him shake and stir using a huge variety of his homemade bitters. This place is sedate enough to hear each other speak so you can stop screaming and calm down with a relaxing nightcap. 14 Rue Saint-Sauveur, 75002