Paris Cafés; Le Cafe Français


1, place de la Bastille, 

75004 ParisMétro: Bastille. (That wouldn’t have been hard to guess…)
Tel: +33 (0)1 40 29 04 02
Open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. with continual service. (Great, right ?!)

I am not really a huge fan of the Costes restaurants especially their original homebase, L’Hotel Costes, which in my modest opinion, doesn’t live up to its prices and with its flaky wait staff to boot. HOWEVERRRR, I have to admit that my most recent visit to one of the Costes’ Paris cafés really made me rethink my preset judgment. 


Despite my feelings, I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Le Café Français. Still not that well known even among the Costes-addicts, this latest Beaumarly (their group name) location opened its doors in the Place de la Bastille less than a year ago – and thank goodness it did. 

Here you can enjoy your lunch in a beautifully lit dining room where you’ll be served generously portioned dishes that respectfully represent the link between hard work and quality all while being served by very pleasant, smiling servers. As you can see, they really pull out all the stops.

Sporting a color scheme straight out of India, this place has a very anti-boudoir feel with the tiles leading out to a bright veranda that you only see in your dreams. 

That veranda allowed me to enjoy my cig without fighting the blistering cold. To top it off, we were able to enjoy an amazing view of the Bastille.

On the appetizer side of things, we had the choice to start off with the légumes d’hiver du marché et leur émulsion d’amandes [rustic winter vegetables served in an emulsion of almonds] for 18,50€ or the poireaux/vinaigrette truffée [truffled leeks in a vinaigrette] also 18,50€. 

For the main dish, the pot au feu contemporain 18,50€ and scallops served in their shells, 29€ should definitely be on your list to try. As for desserts, you will be able to choose from a beautiful and elaborate menu (9,50-12,50€) that lists various delectable options and is signed by Chef Jean-François Piègement himself. 

Sorry to say that I did not have any wine during this visit – instead I enjoyed a Perrier. If you do fancy a glass, this would give you the chance to speak with one of the gorgeous servers rocking a mini-skirt.

Margaux Grosman 

We are pleased to have a partnership with Margaux Grosman who wrote this review, she is a well-known French food blogger, TV & Youtube host, life style journalist, food consultant, copywriter and founder of All photos are hers, unless marked.
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