La Chambre aux Oiseaux


Paris Cafe: La Chambre aux Oiseaux, run by partners Léna and Hervé, is a Paris café with heart and a history to match

La Chambre aux Oiseaux
48, rue Bichat, in the 10th Arrondissement.
09 81 45 45 38.

La Chambre aux Oiseaux is a Paris café with heart and a history to match. Léna, one of the owners, grew up in a haberdashery owned by her mother where vinyls spun on the record player and delicious smells constantly floated out of the kitchen where her grandmother baked. Léna’s partner, Hervé, enjoyed a similar childhood. His mother and his father (a baker) instilled in him their interest in decor and lovely little knickknacks. Luckily for us, fate brought these two together many years later, and the charming La Chambre aux Oiseaux was born.

Hit La Chambre aux Oiseaux, a café full of vintage charm in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, for a sandwich or pastry and coffee

Together Léna and Hervé configured every aspect of their little 10th Arrondissement café, finding porcelain treasures and opening the windows to invite in birds like the ones that came to sit on Léna’s mother’s windows—hence the name La Chambre aux Oiseaux. Léna and Hervé, who favor art deco and Art Nouveau touches, are constantly updating the interior and adding to their collection of objets d’art.

The New Heaven club, a roast pork sandwich at La Chambre aux Oiseaux, a charming 10th Arrondissement Paris café with vintage cred

The New Heaven club.

To compliment the café’s quirky sense of history, they offer a small but delicious menu of dependable classics like the New Heaven club, a roast pork sandwich with mustard, tomatoes and salad. It’s also impossible to go wrong with their pastries and baked goods. From a lemon cake and cookies to a praline chocolate mousse cake or a peach-banana crumble, you’ll find the perfect accompaniment to your coffee or tea. And there’s a larger menu at brunch—perfect for any lazy Sunday.
This spot is great for lunch or just a snack while you work or relax in one of the cozy nooks or comfy chairs. The café stays pleasantly busy, with a young writer or two clacking at a keyboard or a child doodling with crayons at the next table. Light filters through the large windows at the front while the crackle of the record player, constantly turning, floats from table to table. So come join the birds and enjoy the nostalgia of a soft record player while sipping one of the café’s homemade drinks.
In a nutshell: The vibe at La Chambre aux Oiseaux is always unpretentious and never overwhelming.
Price check: 10 euros will snag you a salad or sandwich.
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