Paris Bistro: Vins des Pyrénées


Vins des Pyrénées  is a Paris Bistro I’d been keen on trying for over a year so I was delighted when I remembered it was just around the corner one night when Liana, who works with gg2p and I stopped in for dinner. It was her first night of an extended stay and we were dog tired from work.

Vins des Pyrénées Interior

Located on a side street in the Marais just off the rue de Rivoli, this restaurant has the perfect Parisian bistro kind of look and it’s open late and it’s not hard to come by a reservation. The crowd is a pleasant mix of hipsters, businessmen, neighborhood locals and tripists. Expect cuisines hailing from the Pyrenees but the offerings while traditional and authentic have a modern edge to them.

Delicious Bone Marrow, photo by

I ordered the moelle osseuse (roasted bone marrow) which was served piping hot with a dash of fleur de sel which was followed by a simple yet delicious salad. Liana is a vegetarian who eats fish, a pescaterian I guess we call them these days but she had no trouble finding a variety of items to suit her. The carte du vin was varied and expansive and I selected a lovely Sancerre for us to share. Liana had ordered the soup of the day followed by fresh flaky fluke with a creamy potato puree. Dessert was a perfectly executed chocolate cake with a creamy warm interior and ice cream on the side. As the dessert arrived, Liana sighed finally realizing she had truly arrived in Paris.

Decadent chocolate cake and ice cream with caramel

Note: Our cameras weren’t working well that evening, so enjoy these photos from our friends.
In a Nutshell: Vin des Pyrenees is recommended if you are in a pinch and need a last minute reservation but want something a tad hipper than your basic bistro.
If you like the sound of Vin des Pyrénées then you’ll like Bistro Paul Bert in the 11th for a quintessential bistro with quirky hipster decor and very fine bistro fare.

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